Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Good Byes or See you soons!

Its been a roller coast of emotions as we are packing and meeting with old and sweet friends to say good bye. I think I have 5 girl outings with different set of friends, and we have a few good bye parties. This last weekend our neighborhood gathered at the end of our street for Octoberfest. Our sweet neighbors new the way to Chiefs heart... beer. They had sampling of beer and playing beer games ( I make him sound like a lush huh!) We both Love Jesus, AND we enjoy a good brew! The afternoon was so special for Chief and I to enjoy the company of our neighbors and it was bitter sweet. It hit me right in that spot in your throat that makes your eyes water, yeah, that one. I think about five times last week, I asked chief are we doing the right thing. This year I LOVE everything about our kids school teachers. They have the best teachers we have ever had and go to the best school they have ever been.
Someone told me that when you are moving everything seems nicer and things you never appreciated before you are now looking at.
For now I am saying I will see you soon, makes it sting less.

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!