Saturday, October 23, 2010


When your international adopted child enters the United States (depending on country) they come in with legal immigrant status under you, they are ''unofficially'' US citizens. In order to get full status and have the kids get your name officially they must be readopted in an US State court. Bunch of silliness if you ask me because you are still a family if its official or not. BUT, it is what it is and before we moved out of state we had to do it, otherwise we would be paying to have a new home study in the new state and that's a pretty penny!
We drove to the court house in Port Townsend, our paperwork helper Mrs. Little lives there and made it very easy for us to provide her with paperwork and she did all the work! As great as this was, I was a little annoyed that we had to do this in the first place, hey I have TONS of packing to do still.
Our entire family came for the ride. We arrived and waited for Mrs. Little and walked into the court room, we were the only family in the room, the judge walked in and we were asked to stand up. The judge has a deep voice that reminded me of the Santa on the Polar Express. He asked all of us to walk up to the podium little Roo on chiefs arms and all the other kids quietly staring, there was a plaintiff next to the clerk and he had a gun on his side, I think the kids were mesmerized and a little scared to move...awesome. The next part was very emotional for me, I had to hold back tears because I was about to bust out into ugly cry.
He asked us if we both understood what adoption was about ''For life, no give backs, for life, we are responsible for the kids, for the actions they do (crap) for the nurturing, we are their family''...we both looked at each other and looked back at the judge ''yes, yes we do understand'' Then he looked at our biological sons and said ''Are you ready to take these kids on as your own brother and sisters, these are your brother and sisters, are you willing to share your life with them?'' Our boys looked up at them and said ''yes!'' He looked at our family and walked down and shook Franks hand and mine and said ''thank you and congratulations on Your family, you!''

It was beautiful, but it made me think of my adoption. My ADOPTION, my acceptance into my Fathers family, FOR LIFE, NO GIVE BACKs. It made me think of the day I was welcomed by my daddy, the day I felt my life had purpose, the day I felt wanted, treasured, accepted.
Adoption is a snapshot of our Salvation, everyday I am reminded that I am by Grace a daughter of a Mighty King. I am reminded that I am ACCEPTED just as I am. I am reminded that I walked into a court room (not literally) and looked at the judge in all His Mercy and HE CHOOSE ME! I am reminded that I am worth more than rubies. I am reminded that I have brothers and sisters who are so different than me and still they are MY brothers and sisters. You know from reading my blog from knowing me personally why I talk about adoption so much, but today I ask you to do me a favor, close your eyes, wait don't close you have to think about the day (if there has been a day for you) that you were called into His family the date of your Adoption. Think about the Welcome you got, we all have had different experience, some more exaggerated that others, but we all remember the feeling of having a daddy welcome us. You got the feeling? This is Adoption. This is what God wants for his little ones.


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