Friday, September 17, 2010

Teaching her how to accept who she is

This little girl, blows my socks off. She has been through so much in her little life of 8. And still she is as bright as the noon day sun!

She is here in my home, I get to be her mom for as long as God allows her to be here on Earth.

Lately she has been having some attitude adjustments. Acting disrespectful when she gets home from school or is in front of school kids. She has been in school for one and a half weeks.

We had a chat out with this missy, I began to explain that she didn't have to act a certain way to be liked. Is this not something we as women struggle with oh so much!!!!

We just have to be ourselves and like ourselves and if someone or people can not understand us, or ''get us'' then maybe they don't even understand or get themselves. In the same way we must be compassionate over people and treat them the way we would like to be treated. With compassion, with understanding, with love, with kindness, with patience.

She started at me with huge eyes, "What Mom (in an American accent, I should add) what a you sayin?'' ''G I am saying that you should be yourself, be who God made you to be and not try to be what someone thinks you should be.'' There that settled better in her mind.

This conversation brought some thoughts up, and reflection over my adult life. How many times have I been misunderstood, or judged because someone could not understand my decisions or even the person I am. How many times did I let that reflect on who I was as a person, and how many times the Lord had to say to me "this does NOT define who I made you to be!'' We as women (and some men :) can sometimes let the words of others that may be negative reflect on how we view ourselves, or even how we measure ourselves to this imaginary measuring stick because someone elses' words have echoed in your mind that this is the way you should be, you should look, you should act, you should speak. Some of us are guilty of becoming this voice to others, and become a stumbling block for who that person should be in Christ. If we mean to or not, just voicing our opionion in a not so nice way can become that thorn in another friends side, I have been guilty of this, oh trust me.

I find myself guilty of doing this with my kids sometimes. It gives them the impression that who they are is not good enough, not smart enough, not disciplined enough, not compassionate enough, not nice enough, not kind enough, not enough enough.

Friends, if you carry the negative thoughts weighing you down of others voices, our your own, or if you are the source of this for someone else. Take heart, find your value in Christ. He ADORES you, He can be the foundation to your whole security if you let him. Do not question yourself because of something someone else may have said that may not reflect some truth in your life. God loves you so much beloved. Be patient with the people who do say things to you or even about you that hurts, sometimes these people are hurting themselves. Being human can sometimes stink, but growth growth growth! Less of me, less of me, less of me.

Friends, remember today that you are far more worth that Rubies!!

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