Saturday, September 11, 2010

Officialy EXCITED

While we were in Georgia this past weekend and Chief told me he took the position right on the spot, I was hyperventilating. My aunt had to call the whole family and she was super excited! She called my Uncle, my mom, my dad, my cousins, my other aunt and she could not stop smiling and jumping up and down. She glanced over at me and told me to *BREATH* I was panicked. There was no excitement in me at that time, I was confused ,I was apprehensive, I was not sure. This move was not like our adoptions, for our adoptions the both of us had fasted and prayed and got confirmation time and time again and we both knew that we knew that we were suppose to adopt our kids. We still feel the same way. This move was NOT like that. There was no waking up in the middle of the nights, no weekend of solitude for fasting and prayer like we did with our adoptions, Nope. It was only going to be a check it out and then we would really commit it to prayer and wait for an answer. We were both so nervous, Chief more than me.
The same day on Tuesday I found out that someone very close to me Very close to is sick, she has cancer, she is one of the bestest friends I have ever had in my life. She will have to go through some major surgery, or start Chemo. It took my breath away, I had focused all my nervous energy on this. I had no time to really understand all that had happened this day. She will be okay I know she will we her family will all be there for her. She is very young, younger than myself. I will be closer to her in this move and it made it brighter for me.

While In GA we toured a school that was on the top of my list list. It had super scores for state test, the student teacher ration was excellent, the taxes going to the school were really being used wisely, the parent participation was top notch. We toured it on Tuesday and were BLOWN AWAY! There was classical music playing as you entered the school, fancy shamancy oriental rugs and furniture (LIKE FANCY COUCHES!) for real. There were side tables and lamps right out side the office for parents to sit in. It looked like a dorcitrs waiting room! Then the secretary said to us ''Mrs. Teabo'', and then another woman working there said "oh is this the African family moving from South Africa?'' Apparently there was a family that just moved from South Africa and was sending the kids to this school also. Chief looked at me and I looked at him *Interesting*. So, we began our tour, and were amazed by the school. A-man would have a rotation of science lab, computer, technology, art, music, Physical Education. The Class A-man would be has TWO full time teachers, there are plenty of resources. Then the garden outside, was awesome. Its a beautiful school, and we wanted the kids there because we had never seen this fun learning. Even the hall ways were awesome. We had to. We began to tour the neighborhoods in the area and realized fast why this school was awesome *MONEY* there is some serious cash in this neighborhood. I don't think we will be able to find a place for what we want and so we are just praying that the right house come open. It was be super awesome Lord if it was in this neighborhood, that has a bar none YMCA, we toured it one day and could not believe how awesome the campus was and the child care was like a day care center a really nice one, even better, FREE CHILDCARE. I can work out and they can have so much fun and I don't have to pay for it!? LOVE THAT. It also has a skate park, and that was so cool!
Then I found out something else that made me really excited. Georgia has a fully funded Pre-K program. This is against most home school moms code, but I am officially not a home school mom so if my kids can be in a learning atmosphere at and time, awesome, because its not at home.
So check it.. he would be in school for a school day. Like a 8:30-3 day where he would eat breakfast and lunch at...FOR FREE! Its an awesome program and I found the perfect school for him.
People... know what that means???? I will only have Ruby doo and have time to invest in her, in making a home in our new place, and in building my dream of going to photography school (?) ;).
Or getting a part-time job to build our savings.
Oh and here is another awesome part our kids if they maintain a B average in High school can go to college with a scholarship that would pay for tuition, books, and fees. Both these programs are provided by the lottery system. That means our kids all of them will be able to go to college!

I know it will be different, its a different world. I know that we live in one of the most beautiful states bar none. Georgia has no snow capped mountains, or evergreen trees or beautiful lakes as we do here.
We will have to re-learn EVERYTHING and make new friends and establish new routines. But we will be doing together.
Its been amazing to see how loved we are by so many of you, that have been so sad that we are leaving, but understand that we need a new start, your love for us has spoken volumes. One of my lovely friends told me that she heard on the news that under one of the schools in a town called Acworth they found zombie tombs and vampires ;) good try Darbi! :)
Trust us we will miss so many of you like crazy. Family and friends alike. Chief's whole family is here, so it will be a change for him learning about my familia. If you have ever seen that move My big fat Greek Weeding, yeah that's my family. We are loud, we are spirited, we laugh crazy, we defend those we love, we can have some chaios. Chief's family is not that loud, except when all the men gather and they are hysterically funny, they make themselves cry laughing so hard. Gatherings will be missed, and I am sure they will miss his funny self at gatherings too! Our kids will miss cousins like crazy. Our SIL and BIL had boys one right after we did, so I would have a boy, and then she would have her boy, and then we did that two more times, so our kids are pretty close in age and when the gather its so much fun to see them. Ruby is in love with her little cousin and they play super well, it will be so sad to not have these connections in this way. I have so many awesome friends that I am leaving behind, ones that have seen us go through some hard times in life and have walked us out if it.
The hardest thing I know it may be even silly. My son is buried here, I can no longer visit his grave, and this will be the most sad for me ever. It brought so sense of connection to him when I sat at his grave for anniversaries of birth and death. Our son is not there, I get it, but this is where I felt more connected with him.
Please pray for us as we pack up boxes and cry at the same time, but we are also getting more and more excited!!!


Allison said...

Look at this website:

You can do a home search based on price range and school district, subdivision, etc.

The school you were looking at IS really great. Vaughn (which is just a stone throw away) also has an AMAZING program that is very similar. It also has a kitchen for kids to cook in. Actually, all the schools in this area each have their own awesomeness...but yeah, these two are a personal favorite of mine. :-)

handfull of johnsons said...

I love you so much, will miss you so much...but you just say the word any day and I'll go take care of Hudson cuz I totally get it. I know its not the same but to know that someone is visiting his place, keeping it clean and looking out for him has got to help a little? It does sound great....really great.

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!