Sunday, September 26, 2010

New life Same vows

These are our previous homes we have lived in during the 13 years we have been married. We have lived in this home for the past 5 years. We brought our two young sons and I was pregnant with our third son. We buried our third son, brought our Ethiopian daughter here one year later and then two years later brought our two Ghana kids here. Here we have had many joys and many sorrows, we will miss it. We have grown so much.
This home was our first home purchase. It was the sweetest deal ever. Chiefs mom and dad sold it to us and it had instant equity. We brought our first son here when he was one, and brought our second son here, we sold our home when we found out we were having our third child. We kick ourselves for even thinking that we had to have bigger. Still to this day, kick ourselves.

We had our first son in this duplex, we brought him home to this humble abode. Had the loudest neighbors and learned how not to treat your wife by hearing the loud neighbors :(

So this one looks sketchy, its because we took all these photos on a date night, it had gotten dark and we were chicken to get out and take this shot. I know silly. We did live here for one year before the renters wife passed and wanted to sell the home, so we had to leave. Found out I was pregnant for the first time in this house. Good times.

Our first home rental, its was super small and super cheap $545.00 for rent, we moved from our small apartment when they were going to raise the rent on us to 575.00 we could not afford that! That cracks me up because our mortgage is triple that now. Crazy times. This one had carpet in the WHOLE house, we are taking about kitchen, and bathroom the whole house. I remember because I dropped an iron on the carpet and lets just say a piece of our deposit was kept..yeah.

Our first home an apartment, apartment 222 to be exact. We lived here One full year before the raised the rent and we choose to leave. We were married SOO young. I was 18, no seriously, I was 18 and chief was 21. We both were so young and so in love and so in lust all at the same time. We have had some mad fights, some passionate fights, so stupid fights and some funny fights the one where its so stupid you just have to laugh. This home our first represented our unity and it didn't matter how young we were how unwise with the ways of the world we both were. We both made a vow to each other, this here is for life, no matter what. There are no promises when you marry that things will turn out peachy in fact I am more than certain there are no peachy marriages. There are changes to your character because with age you become more seasoned, but the true matter and what lies underneath is that we have promised to each other. The vow you took before God. To Love and to Hold in sickness, in health, here is our dot dot between.
In children being born, in children dying, in bad money decisions, in good money situations, in taking the garbage out, in not taking the garbage out, in doing the laundry over and over and over, in cooking, in cleaning, in mowing the lawn, in disciplining kids especially when there is a conflict we don't agree with the outcome, in hurtful feelings, in good gushy feelings, in pissed feelings, in stress and chaos, in peace and quiet, in dirty houses with gross showers, in clean house with clean showers, in empty pantry's in full pantry's, in following passions, in lettins ome go, in praying for each other, in praying with each other, in saying good bye to a life we knew, in saying hello to a life a new.

Here is to another adventure in a new home in a new town. Same vows, different life.

ps: I have to mention look at my hubby is he not the cuttest ever. Every time I look at this photo of us, I just can't help but to smile. I LoVE him SO!


Heckert's Highway said...

Love this post!! I remember every place on here:O) I especially remember the yellow house. I puked in that toilet so many times with my first pregnancy. I have a picture somewhere of me standing in front of it showing off my preggo belly, right before we went out for my birthday dinner. Love those old times...sad for me, happy for you and your new adventure.

Lisa said...

this was such a beautiful post and tribute to your life & marriage.

love you both, i wish you only the best that life has to offer.


Wife to the Rockstar said...

Wow - you have moved a smuch as us!

Wife to the Rockstar said...

Love that last photo too - and your header pic. Makes me smile big!

Jason Egly said...

Natalie, this is one of my favorite posts ever. Love the story told through your different houses. I appreciate your transparency. So refreshing. Excited to have you guys in the southeast. Would love to meet you in real life when things settle down. Nashville is only 3-4 hours away from ATL. :)


Amy said...

"I love him so"...please, please tell me this is a tribute to 'Raising Arizona'. If it is - you are my long, lost BFF. If not, forget this post ever happened.

Janna said...

Thank you for this beautiful post Natalie :) So inspiring...Jx

Amanda said...

You will get a lot more house for your money in Acworth! :) YAY!

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