Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Sweet G- 3rd grade

My sweet girl was two years from baby making in her village. Kids at 10-11 would be having babies. Look at this face can you even imagine this kid of life? I have NO DOUBT IN MY HEAD< CHIEF HAS NO DOUBT IN HIS HEAD that these two kids were ours. They fit our clan like a glove. We have had doubts this summer, I think it took some major praying time and time alone without kids to realize what God did this for. Growth, in both of us, in our kids. J-man Loves this girl, they are peas in the pod. She is so animated, and so sweet, but this is not the way she came to us. Sweet was not an adjective I would have used, um no.
Three months fast forward, we are still working, but look at her face, she is in love with being is in school. Her face lites up when she sees school supplies and new pencils. Pencils people, she is so fun. This is a funny that happened today. Her first day riding home on the bus, her brother tells this story..
G was sitting on the back of the bus the bus driver could hear the bus get very loud and asks the kids to stop talking so loud, they didn't it Grace stand up out of her seat and says the following..."IN THE NAME OF JESUS YOU NEED TO ALL STOP TALKING AND GO AND READ YOUR BIBLES'' ""READ YOUR BIBLE < J-man says that G was so angry that this boy said this her voice got louder ''WHAT YOU MEAN WHO JESUS IS LORD, NOW GO BOY AND READ THE BIBLE TO KNOW!''
Um...yeah this is really what G is like at home to, one night she was at the dinner table when her brother was saying something she didn't want to hear (its about how chicken comes to the table...yuck) he would not stop she says very very loudly "HOLY GHOST FIRE!'' as if she was playing a scene for the exorcist, seriously, we all laughed so hard. Until we meet a couple while we were outside working on the yard they were scouting the neighborhood to purchase a home Ruby walks up to them and guessed it ''HOLY GHOST FIRE!''....they didn't buy this house.

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