Thursday, September 9, 2010

My heart hurts...

I found out that some one very near and dear to me VERY Near family member has a form of cancer, I can't stop crying about it, even though it may be caught early, even though it may be very treatable, this relative is so young and I am aching.

Darling if you see this post, I can't even write this without tears flowing down my face. I will be there for you in anyways I can you are not alone in this. Your are like my Bestest friend ever. You will be okay. I will care for you, and when I can't physically I will emotionally and spiritually.

Te quiero con todo mi corazon, todo que esta en mi.

Then this week my dad found out that he has a blockage around his heart. They tried doing and angio this week and the doctors could not because there was several blockages. He will be on heavy medication and will be checked every few weeks, if there is no improvement he will have to do a bypass in about 6 months.
Its time to go home for me.

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!