Wednesday, September 8, 2010


This is my crazy family, totally nuts, but oh my word Love build this house!

My Auntie Yvonne and My Aunt Cythia are like my second mothers, my cousin Cindy next to me.
We spend most afternoons just chatting on the back porch, sunny, nice breeze and rocking.

*BIG GULP* We are moving across the country ....yes sir Georgia state!

We took a trip to GA to check out schools and check out houses and check out all the things I need to have to move to a new place. Starbucks, Libraries, Starbucks, Good schools, Starbucks, Good neighborhoods, Starbucks, Decent home prices and there needed to be some Starbucks around too :)!

Chief had a ''interview'' loose term I should say a meeting to see if he liked it in the field there and to check when the openings for his position would be we were thinking 3-6 months with three months being the shortest, after accepting a new position in a few months. Being we were hoping for 6 months the least.
In the meet and greet they liked Chief so much and was impressed with his mad skillz they offered him a job next month. WHAT...he told them too soon then the came back with okay November then!
I was not at the meeting I was having breakfast with my cousin and aunt. I had no idea this is what was happening in the meeting. He accepted, we move in NOVEMBER, people.
There was something that lifted off us when we went to Georgia we seemed just peppy , Frank was funny, we laughed so hard our sides hurt. Its going to be a serious move, we have so much to do in such a short time. Its going to be a busy few weeks, but we really feel so good about this move. Its going to be awesome being with all the family that I have not been with for the last 13 years. They miss me and I miss them terribly!
They took Chief in and adore him so much too which made my heart so happy. They can't wait to love on ALL 5 of my kids, ALL OF THEM!

Here comes the sad part.....we have to leave a home that has been our home for a while. We brought home babies and burried babies here. We have had many ups many downs, its life right.
We leave behind some amazing loved ones. Breaks my heart a bunch. I am nervous to start everything up again, new doctors, new schools, new everything. THe south is like another world than here in the west, like another country for reals ;-)!
It will be for the better of our family in the long run! So....if you are in the Acworth/Marietta area we are coming to a house near you, give us an email we are looking for all the cool stuff in the area. We are excited to check out this church, we were invited by some new friends we made in my Aunts neighborhood.
Email us with some connections, we are going to need it. Wish me luck as I pack and get rid of A BUNCH OF STUFF!!


A. Gillispie said...

I am still so excited for you! I would be very interested to read how the South felt different to you, never having been to the NW before. =-)

The Last Crusade said...

Well, well, well! Congradulations on your move to the good ol' south! We're glad to have you!

Mrs Changstein said...

Enjoy your garage sale! I've moved several times - my biggest tip? Shrink wrap. I shrink wrapped my dished, my dresser drawers - anything I would tape or wrap. Not a single thing broke. It was amazing. Looking forward to reading your blog from the South!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

That is a big step....don't know if I have commented on this yet...but we are moving too. In the next few months- maybe sooner. Crazy to even start thinking about it, but we are excited as well. Of course I haven't posted because it is a secret :) PRAYING for you in this transition....and if you have any tips let me know!

Lisa said...

you will be missed.

i am so excited for your new life adventure with your beautiful family.

i love you friend.


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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!