Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meet my Aunt and Uncle

Meet my Aunt and Uncle who in a few short weeks will become our Georgian translators ;)! My Aunt (Tia Cynthia) is my moms little sister and her husband Oscar. We grew up very close. Tio Oscar was like my dad #2. He (probably does not even remember) taught me how to throw a football and even asked me about boys! My Aunt Cynthia would host me every summer while my mom worked. We are very close and they love me like a daughter! They went to every house we found on the net until we found the perfect one...which happens to be about 2.5 miles from their home ;) They are funny and so loving and if you see my mom and her sisters they are like kids. In fact one day while we were in Georgia ( I WILL EMBRASS MY MOM HERE) they were all sitting in the back of the van. My Uncle was driving and my aunt said something funny about my mom, my mom took her seat bealt off and sat on my aunts lap and farted, then my aunt pulled her hair. LIKE KIDS! I am watching the whole thing and asked my mom to put her seat bealt on right away becuase we are still driving....see funny people I tell ya!
On the flip side, my heart is breaking for the love ones that we have to leave behind. Family and friends, its going to be a sad day when we take off.

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!