Sunday, September 26, 2010

New life Same vows

These are our previous homes we have lived in during the 13 years we have been married. We have lived in this home for the past 5 years. We brought our two young sons and I was pregnant with our third son. We buried our third son, brought our Ethiopian daughter here one year later and then two years later brought our two Ghana kids here. Here we have had many joys and many sorrows, we will miss it. We have grown so much.
This home was our first home purchase. It was the sweetest deal ever. Chiefs mom and dad sold it to us and it had instant equity. We brought our first son here when he was one, and brought our second son here, we sold our home when we found out we were having our third child. We kick ourselves for even thinking that we had to have bigger. Still to this day, kick ourselves.

We had our first son in this duplex, we brought him home to this humble abode. Had the loudest neighbors and learned how not to treat your wife by hearing the loud neighbors :(

So this one looks sketchy, its because we took all these photos on a date night, it had gotten dark and we were chicken to get out and take this shot. I know silly. We did live here for one year before the renters wife passed and wanted to sell the home, so we had to leave. Found out I was pregnant for the first time in this house. Good times.

Our first home rental, its was super small and super cheap $545.00 for rent, we moved from our small apartment when they were going to raise the rent on us to 575.00 we could not afford that! That cracks me up because our mortgage is triple that now. Crazy times. This one had carpet in the WHOLE house, we are taking about kitchen, and bathroom the whole house. I remember because I dropped an iron on the carpet and lets just say a piece of our deposit was kept..yeah.

Our first home an apartment, apartment 222 to be exact. We lived here One full year before the raised the rent and we choose to leave. We were married SOO young. I was 18, no seriously, I was 18 and chief was 21. We both were so young and so in love and so in lust all at the same time. We have had some mad fights, some passionate fights, so stupid fights and some funny fights the one where its so stupid you just have to laugh. This home our first represented our unity and it didn't matter how young we were how unwise with the ways of the world we both were. We both made a vow to each other, this here is for life, no matter what. There are no promises when you marry that things will turn out peachy in fact I am more than certain there are no peachy marriages. There are changes to your character because with age you become more seasoned, but the true matter and what lies underneath is that we have promised to each other. The vow you took before God. To Love and to Hold in sickness, in health, here is our dot dot between.
In children being born, in children dying, in bad money decisions, in good money situations, in taking the garbage out, in not taking the garbage out, in doing the laundry over and over and over, in cooking, in cleaning, in mowing the lawn, in disciplining kids especially when there is a conflict we don't agree with the outcome, in hurtful feelings, in good gushy feelings, in pissed feelings, in stress and chaos, in peace and quiet, in dirty houses with gross showers, in clean house with clean showers, in empty pantry's in full pantry's, in following passions, in lettins ome go, in praying for each other, in praying with each other, in saying good bye to a life we knew, in saying hello to a life a new.

Here is to another adventure in a new home in a new town. Same vows, different life.

ps: I have to mention look at my hubby is he not the cuttest ever. Every time I look at this photo of us, I just can't help but to smile. I LoVE him SO!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Together for Adoption

I get to go share, hang, and learn with people who are crazy about Orphan care! There is something inside of me that lights up when I am with like minded, I am sure you too! I am crazy about sharing Gods heart in Orphan care ministry. I get to share this conference time with some pretty amazing people. Two super close friends (my last weekend with them:( and some folks that have followed our adoption journey for years and I them.
I hope Erica, you don't think I am crazy when I go to hug you instead of a hand shake! I planned this trip before my man sprung a we move in two months not 6-12, time frame. My ticket is free so I really didn't have a big expense except sharing a room with three other mamas. I almost canceled a few times with all the crazyness of moving and the big Chief did not let me. I have been wanting to go to one of these since they started years back.

My son J-man wants to go so bad, he is ready to be done growing and move to Africa today. We have convinced him of waiting a few years!
I can't wait to learn and to see what God has in store for our family ministry, and encourage and be encouraged! ITs going to ROCK!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New House and woods

SO this is the new pad. We toured the outside when we in GA. Never got to see the inside but my family did and LOVE it. Its a quiet neighborhood and we really like it way better then the ritzy neighborhood we had originally had our heart set on.

The kids will go to a school that is not quiet like the one I fell in love with. Its a great school, but I feel like I ''fit'' this house much better than the traditional home in the fancy shamnancy neighborhood.

Its got a front porch, I have wanted one for so long one you can have a rocker, so I can sip my iced tea and watch the kids ride bikes and play from the front or coffee in the cold months.

I know this does not look like a big deal kitchen, its smaller than the one I have now, but its SO SIMPLE! Its like a clean palate waiting for a coffee pot and jelly sandwhiches to be made on them. Its clean...maybe I should just not cook ever.
We are going through EVERYTHING and getting rid of A TON of stuff. I have no time for a garage sale and most of the things I am giving away were things given to me. times! *UGG*

Meet my Aunt and Uncle

Meet my Aunt and Uncle who in a few short weeks will become our Georgian translators ;)! My Aunt (Tia Cynthia) is my moms little sister and her husband Oscar. We grew up very close. Tio Oscar was like my dad #2. He (probably does not even remember) taught me how to throw a football and even asked me about boys! My Aunt Cynthia would host me every summer while my mom worked. We are very close and they love me like a daughter! They went to every house we found on the net until we found the perfect one...which happens to be about 2.5 miles from their home ;) They are funny and so loving and if you see my mom and her sisters they are like kids. In fact one day while we were in Georgia ( I WILL EMBRASS MY MOM HERE) they were all sitting in the back of the van. My Uncle was driving and my aunt said something funny about my mom, my mom took her seat bealt off and sat on my aunts lap and farted, then my aunt pulled her hair. LIKE KIDS! I am watching the whole thing and asked my mom to put her seat bealt on right away becuase we are still driving....see funny people I tell ya!
On the flip side, my heart is breaking for the love ones that we have to leave behind. Family and friends, its going to be a sad day when we take off.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Officialy EXCITED

While we were in Georgia this past weekend and Chief told me he took the position right on the spot, I was hyperventilating. My aunt had to call the whole family and she was super excited! She called my Uncle, my mom, my dad, my cousins, my other aunt and she could not stop smiling and jumping up and down. She glanced over at me and told me to *BREATH* I was panicked. There was no excitement in me at that time, I was confused ,I was apprehensive, I was not sure. This move was not like our adoptions, for our adoptions the both of us had fasted and prayed and got confirmation time and time again and we both knew that we knew that we were suppose to adopt our kids. We still feel the same way. This move was NOT like that. There was no waking up in the middle of the nights, no weekend of solitude for fasting and prayer like we did with our adoptions, Nope. It was only going to be a check it out and then we would really commit it to prayer and wait for an answer. We were both so nervous, Chief more than me.
The same day on Tuesday I found out that someone very close to me Very close to is sick, she has cancer, she is one of the bestest friends I have ever had in my life. She will have to go through some major surgery, or start Chemo. It took my breath away, I had focused all my nervous energy on this. I had no time to really understand all that had happened this day. She will be okay I know she will we her family will all be there for her. She is very young, younger than myself. I will be closer to her in this move and it made it brighter for me.

While In GA we toured a school that was on the top of my list list. It had super scores for state test, the student teacher ration was excellent, the taxes going to the school were really being used wisely, the parent participation was top notch. We toured it on Tuesday and were BLOWN AWAY! There was classical music playing as you entered the school, fancy shamancy oriental rugs and furniture (LIKE FANCY COUCHES!) for real. There were side tables and lamps right out side the office for parents to sit in. It looked like a dorcitrs waiting room! Then the secretary said to us ''Mrs. Teabo'', and then another woman working there said "oh is this the African family moving from South Africa?'' Apparently there was a family that just moved from South Africa and was sending the kids to this school also. Chief looked at me and I looked at him *Interesting*. So, we began our tour, and were amazed by the school. A-man would have a rotation of science lab, computer, technology, art, music, Physical Education. The Class A-man would be has TWO full time teachers, there are plenty of resources. Then the garden outside, was awesome. Its a beautiful school, and we wanted the kids there because we had never seen this fun learning. Even the hall ways were awesome. We had to. We began to tour the neighborhoods in the area and realized fast why this school was awesome *MONEY* there is some serious cash in this neighborhood. I don't think we will be able to find a place for what we want and so we are just praying that the right house come open. It was be super awesome Lord if it was in this neighborhood, that has a bar none YMCA, we toured it one day and could not believe how awesome the campus was and the child care was like a day care center a really nice one, even better, FREE CHILDCARE. I can work out and they can have so much fun and I don't have to pay for it!? LOVE THAT. It also has a skate park, and that was so cool!
Then I found out something else that made me really excited. Georgia has a fully funded Pre-K program. This is against most home school moms code, but I am officially not a home school mom so if my kids can be in a learning atmosphere at and time, awesome, because its not at home.
So check it.. he would be in school for a school day. Like a 8:30-3 day where he would eat breakfast and lunch at...FOR FREE! Its an awesome program and I found the perfect school for him.
People... know what that means???? I will only have Ruby doo and have time to invest in her, in making a home in our new place, and in building my dream of going to photography school (?) ;).
Or getting a part-time job to build our savings.
Oh and here is another awesome part our kids if they maintain a B average in High school can go to college with a scholarship that would pay for tuition, books, and fees. Both these programs are provided by the lottery system. That means our kids all of them will be able to go to college!

I know it will be different, its a different world. I know that we live in one of the most beautiful states bar none. Georgia has no snow capped mountains, or evergreen trees or beautiful lakes as we do here.
We will have to re-learn EVERYTHING and make new friends and establish new routines. But we will be doing together.
Its been amazing to see how loved we are by so many of you, that have been so sad that we are leaving, but understand that we need a new start, your love for us has spoken volumes. One of my lovely friends told me that she heard on the news that under one of the schools in a town called Acworth they found zombie tombs and vampires ;) good try Darbi! :)
Trust us we will miss so many of you like crazy. Family and friends alike. Chief's whole family is here, so it will be a change for him learning about my familia. If you have ever seen that move My big fat Greek Weeding, yeah that's my family. We are loud, we are spirited, we laugh crazy, we defend those we love, we can have some chaios. Chief's family is not that loud, except when all the men gather and they are hysterically funny, they make themselves cry laughing so hard. Gatherings will be missed, and I am sure they will miss his funny self at gatherings too! Our kids will miss cousins like crazy. Our SIL and BIL had boys one right after we did, so I would have a boy, and then she would have her boy, and then we did that two more times, so our kids are pretty close in age and when the gather its so much fun to see them. Ruby is in love with her little cousin and they play super well, it will be so sad to not have these connections in this way. I have so many awesome friends that I am leaving behind, ones that have seen us go through some hard times in life and have walked us out if it.
The hardest thing I know it may be even silly. My son is buried here, I can no longer visit his grave, and this will be the most sad for me ever. It brought so sense of connection to him when I sat at his grave for anniversaries of birth and death. Our son is not there, I get it, but this is where I felt more connected with him.
Please pray for us as we pack up boxes and cry at the same time, but we are also getting more and more excited!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Sweet G- 3rd grade

My sweet girl was two years from baby making in her village. Kids at 10-11 would be having babies. Look at this face can you even imagine this kid of life? I have NO DOUBT IN MY HEAD< CHIEF HAS NO DOUBT IN HIS HEAD that these two kids were ours. They fit our clan like a glove. We have had doubts this summer, I think it took some major praying time and time alone without kids to realize what God did this for. Growth, in both of us, in our kids. J-man Loves this girl, they are peas in the pod. She is so animated, and so sweet, but this is not the way she came to us. Sweet was not an adjective I would have used, um no.
Three months fast forward, we are still working, but look at her face, she is in love with being is in school. Her face lites up when she sees school supplies and new pencils. Pencils people, she is so fun. This is a funny that happened today. Her first day riding home on the bus, her brother tells this story..
G was sitting on the back of the bus the bus driver could hear the bus get very loud and asks the kids to stop talking so loud, they didn't it Grace stand up out of her seat and says the following..."IN THE NAME OF JESUS YOU NEED TO ALL STOP TALKING AND GO AND READ YOUR BIBLES'' ""READ YOUR BIBLE < J-man says that G was so angry that this boy said this her voice got louder ''WHAT YOU MEAN WHO JESUS IS LORD, NOW GO BOY AND READ THE BIBLE TO KNOW!''
Um...yeah this is really what G is like at home to, one night she was at the dinner table when her brother was saying something she didn't want to hear (its about how chicken comes to the table...yuck) he would not stop she says very very loudly "HOLY GHOST FIRE!'' as if she was playing a scene for the exorcist, seriously, we all laughed so hard. Until we meet a couple while we were outside working on the yard they were scouting the neighborhood to purchase a home Ruby walks up to them and guessed it ''HOLY GHOST FIRE!''....they didn't buy this house.

4th Grade and 10 today!

My BIG boy is 10 today. A decade old oh my goodness gracious me. Tonight I took him out just him and me his favorite thing to do ever go out with his mama (I am gushy over this kid!) we went to a Chinese all you can eat buffet. We talked and talked and said how much he enjoys that I talk to him. Hear that, my boy enjoys my talks! We ate and laughed and ate and burped and laughed. He reminds me of Chief in so many ways, I just love my men!
10 things about you I Truly love
1. You are your own kind, you follow no mold, your are a rockstar at being who you are!

2. You are so kind and compassionate, we say that in Ghana, how kids flocked to you and you were open arms so much it killed you to leave them.

3. You are funny, in your own ways sometimes, you are so smack the knee funny.

4. You can make up ways to make money like no bodies business. You are a true piece of work, I don't know any other kids with a business mind like you.

5. You have a great imagination, your mind is so creative and they way your form ideas astonish me, your brilliant!

6. Your hair, the two calicks on the back if it, I will always love that.

7. Your intuitive, your ability find a way is just refreshing

8. Your zest for life and celebrations, truly inspires me

9. You include people in your play, you don't know how much I love that. You hate it when people feel left out, and I admire that about you.

10. Your amazing, J man, your my kind of dude, you inspire me every day and I could not be more proud to be your mom. Your just awesome the way you are and you will Rock for Jesus and be a FIRE (that's what your names means) of GOD.

1st grade

A man is a first grader...look at his face, I just look at him in FULL DELIGHT. He is such a charmer. He is a total pill however~ This summer has been a Huge I mean HUGE killer of a summer with this dude. He has been escalating to full blown right before our new kids came home, and then got worse and worse and worse and worse. We had a trial run of drugs (against my judgment, I was desperate!) it made it 10 times worse. It was a walking nightmare. I say it because this is not my A this is a mental illness and I am in fights with doctors to give it a name. I have a feeling of what it is.
He is in 1st grade now and is behind which we already knew, but its amazing what structure can do to this kid. He is so wonderful, and needed to have some structure so badly. He is needing some other help, In Georgia we found him a ''supper nanny'' occupational therapy she will come to our home and help Aidan with structure and behavioral techniques to help him calm before he sets in a rage. BUT, he will need some more care I am on a quest to find a good Physiologist for children in the area we are moving to.
My heart still melts at his little smile thou.

My heart hurts...

I found out that some one very near and dear to me VERY Near family member has a form of cancer, I can't stop crying about it, even though it may be caught early, even though it may be very treatable, this relative is so young and I am aching.

Darling if you see this post, I can't even write this without tears flowing down my face. I will be there for you in anyways I can you are not alone in this. Your are like my Bestest friend ever. You will be okay. I will care for you, and when I can't physically I will emotionally and spiritually.

Te quiero con todo mi corazon, todo que esta en mi.

Then this week my dad found out that he has a blockage around his heart. They tried doing and angio this week and the doctors could not because there was several blockages. He will be on heavy medication and will be checked every few weeks, if there is no improvement he will have to do a bypass in about 6 months.
Its time to go home for me.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


This is my crazy family, totally nuts, but oh my word Love build this house!

My Auntie Yvonne and My Aunt Cythia are like my second mothers, my cousin Cindy next to me.
We spend most afternoons just chatting on the back porch, sunny, nice breeze and rocking.

*BIG GULP* We are moving across the country ....yes sir Georgia state!

We took a trip to GA to check out schools and check out houses and check out all the things I need to have to move to a new place. Starbucks, Libraries, Starbucks, Good schools, Starbucks, Good neighborhoods, Starbucks, Decent home prices and there needed to be some Starbucks around too :)!

Chief had a ''interview'' loose term I should say a meeting to see if he liked it in the field there and to check when the openings for his position would be we were thinking 3-6 months with three months being the shortest, after accepting a new position in a few months. Being we were hoping for 6 months the least.
In the meet and greet they liked Chief so much and was impressed with his mad skillz they offered him a job next month. WHAT...he told them too soon then the came back with okay November then!
I was not at the meeting I was having breakfast with my cousin and aunt. I had no idea this is what was happening in the meeting. He accepted, we move in NOVEMBER, people.
There was something that lifted off us when we went to Georgia we seemed just peppy , Frank was funny, we laughed so hard our sides hurt. Its going to be a serious move, we have so much to do in such a short time. Its going to be a busy few weeks, but we really feel so good about this move. Its going to be awesome being with all the family that I have not been with for the last 13 years. They miss me and I miss them terribly!
They took Chief in and adore him so much too which made my heart so happy. They can't wait to love on ALL 5 of my kids, ALL OF THEM!

Here comes the sad part.....we have to leave a home that has been our home for a while. We brought home babies and burried babies here. We have had many ups many downs, its life right.
We leave behind some amazing loved ones. Breaks my heart a bunch. I am nervous to start everything up again, new doctors, new schools, new everything. THe south is like another world than here in the west, like another country for reals ;-)!
It will be for the better of our family in the long run! So....if you are in the Acworth/Marietta area we are coming to a house near you, give us an email we are looking for all the cool stuff in the area. We are excited to check out this church, we were invited by some new friends we made in my Aunts neighborhood.
Email us with some connections, we are going to need it. Wish me luck as I pack and get rid of A BUNCH OF STUFF!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Vegggie Tales~Meant to Be~

On October 2nd this new movie from Veggie Tales comes out. I am so excited about it, who doesn't like Veggie Tales for starters and then it highlights adoption and best of fetures a song from Steven Curtis Chapman (GOTTA CHECK IT OUT!) . Oh can't wait to see it. You can pre-order here.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hope sprouts Love

If you have been reading my blog you have noticed perhaps theirs has been some struggle with our family dynamics, I have even held back on the real life dramas to protect my children and family, but also because I don't want others to be afraid to jump and do what God has placed in your heart by bringing a child into your home. I have to share with you the way this adoption has changed us.
This adoption has been hard work, for sure. We have two kids that have loved a home for many years, no matter what the first home looks like biology and the first bonds of life is very strong. These two miss 1st home as E calls it. Just imagine your child, your biological child having to move to another country, and they really can not grasp why. They have been taught they should be excited, that its very exciting to have a new mom or dad. However they have no way on how to deal with all these emotions and so it may come out with many different behaviors.
Chief and I had to do some research on how to help children that have been traumatized. No matter if your adoptive child has not been traumatized and had a wonderful home but had to be moved to an orphanage for poverty this alone in Traumatizing! We knew that our kids would come with old habits and ways of life they would have to be taught some Western rules and Western ways, but its also hard trying to help them keep who they are.
Older child adoption can be difficult and it has many trials BUT....You will begin to see the fruits of your labor right around month three, you will begin to see fruit!
Last night my Jr. told me he loved me, he has never used these words before! He has said that he needs me, that he wants me, that he wants me to hold him, he has suffocated me with his hugs and need to have skin contact with me. He has never used the words ''I love you'' even when I say it to him multiple times a day. He shakes his head and then there you be, that it. Last night as I was exciting the room and I whispered ''Love you so much baby!''.....those sweet oh so darling words formed out of his mouth "Mommy I love you, I love you !''. Jeepers, my heart skipped a beat or two. It did something to my heart to hear these sweet words. I didn't even want to keep going I wanted to sit and say something like "did you say you love me, do you really know what that means, do you know?''...but I just smiled and walked out and then became a puddle on the floor!
Imagine our Fathers heart when he hears us say this to Him for the first time "Abba I love you, I love you!''
Big Lesson about adoption: Hope will sprout Love!

A home is just a home...right?

Your home is where you hang your hat, or home is where the heart is . Doesn't matter where, doesn't matter how big and how small. How fancy or how down to earth your home is your dwelling place to make lasting memories. We purchased our dwelling place 5 years ago. It was not a good decision from the start. We knew from the start and did it anyways. I was a much different person 5 years ago. The American dream was something I was going to accomplish no matter what! Then our son died and everything in my life was changed. The Lord opened my heart as raw as it was and performed open heart surgery, It hurt like crazy. It was very necessary to bring me to the place I am right now. I look back at that person and I want to cringe when I think about her and how disillusioned she must have been with what God really wanted for her life.
Fast forward to this stage of our lives...we are needing to move! I'm sparing the details to respect chief. It been a hard VERY HARD and trying situation. More for chief as he is the head of the household and feels all the pressure of trying to support his family. We both feel we would rather have a happy house even if its small and have all our kids need meet, than to try to pinch every penny to keep a home we don't need and could not afford in the first place!
Really no brainier for me to come up with right, but for men this is really a hard concept, they feel like they have failed, not matter how many times I release it from chief. This will have to be a God peace for him. I think God has had to teach both of us some good lessons.
This is where Georgia comes in. We are leaving this weekend to scout it out. Chief has an interview on Tuesday before our flight. We make the decision when we come back, if we start our lives over here just in another home, or all together in another place, I pray it wont be for another few months..this mama, can only handle so much change!
Crazy times at the Teabos, but we convent your prayers as we go scout out the land. I have interviews at schools also, and will be speaking with principals to check things out. For sure I will be scouting out neighborhoods, schools, doctors and stores ;).
If you are from Georgia, I will be scouting out Roswell, Alphretta, Marietta, Acworth. Should I be cheking any other towns/citys out?
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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!