Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mom Guilt....anyone..just me?

I'm putting something out there. I have to know if any other moms feel mom guilt at the end of the day?? Guilty that you didn't play with the kids today, guilty that you put them to bed with one story or maybe none. Guilty that you didn't bake cookies with them like they wanted, or played monopoly because the laundry was piled high? Guilty that when you had one small child and a toddler you made your own play dough and now buy it from the store, along with all the other things you used to make at home that now you buy at the store. Or how about this one, guilty that you took your first to toddler gym and story time at the library and every thing you could possibly take a toddler to. Your last baby thinks the gym is Only for mom. I know.. I know... see total guilt. How about this one, guilty that you do not work, or guilty that you have to work?! Why did I yell at him instead of walking away to gather myself first?
And this is just motherhood, if I even add any other relationships..oh shmokie it would be an all-nighter!
I lay in bed and while I should be meditating on Scripture sometimes these thoughts go round and round in my mind, I can't make it stop!
I am going to really put it to prayer that I would find delight in the day and I would sieze the day, and that I would say stop to these guilt thoughts that fill my mind at night! And that I would find my confidence once again in mothering.
Anyone else need prayer for that too, Im serious I would write your name down in my journal...but wait if you give me your name and I don't pray I will feel sooo guilty!!


The Tulloss Family said...

You mean I'm supposed to read books at bedtime and take them to the library/gym? Oh great...add that to the guilt list! You pray for me and I'll pray for you!

Teabo Chica said...

Mrs. Tulloss ...You got it :)!

The Last Crusade said...

It's not just you, I promise!!! And I only have one child right now! Still I feel awful on the days that I don't spend alot of time playing with her or reading to her. And the nights we don't read. It makes me feel awful! So no, you're not alone! Praying for y ou!

A. Gillispie said...

Oh girl, put me on that list!!! When I was waiting for my first baby to come home my friend with three kids, at one point, said, "Motherhood is all about guilt." I don't think the Lord intended it to be that way, but I have certainly had days/weeks (months?!) when I have felt that way!!! What brings me out of the funk is to force myself to think on what I *DID* do that day. Thinking about what you didn't do will always break you up. So I do that, OR I find a "Super Nanny" so to watch so I can feel like the best mom in the world! LOL!

Not By Chance said...


you are NOT alone in these feelings! I am right there too!

Your post made me truly lol :)

I am still posting on my carepage babyruthie

stop on over sometime!
Susie Nix

The Harrington Family said...

So, it is ok if I just copy and paste this to my blog?! I'm totally there. Thanks for the reminder to turn those feelings into prayer :)

Dawn - "Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

I think that is all mothers!!!! Feel that way all the time...and do most of those things. I think if motherhood were easy.....well everyone would sign up and be experts, but the truth is- we all just have to do our best. Wake up tomorrow and start again....refresh and do your best then. Don't stress about what happened yesterday- otherwise you will never get anywhere. GOD's GRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff said...

I'm feeling you...please include my name. I feel like I'm constantly in survival mode lately and I hate it.

Jeff said...

Please add me to the list. I feel like I'm barely surviving each day, impatient, and certainly not doing all the extras. I feel you on this one!

Kristin said...

Natalie, I so understand what you are saying. I have unfortunately surpassed you though and now I feel guilt for not feeling guilty about all the fun things I didn't do. It is a problem. Basically, unless I am on vacation, I am just trying to keep up! I can't wait for school to start to get back into routine and then I feel like I am better at playing with them.

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