Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lucky mama...I really am!

This is my oldest, J, he will be ten next month. TEN!
Last night J and I went on a date night. I love these with my kids, we get to talk with no interruptions. We talk about the future, about his feelings, this is humble pie for this mama, because sometimes I have hurt him without even knowing it.
Son number two has been on meds that has made him go super nova crazy and so things at our home has been not peaceful! So, we needed a mom and boy night out! Over shrimp linguine dinner at Red Lobster, we chat and laugh and I watch this boy across from me my heart swells with pride and joy for him.
I posted this picture, because this is really what he does, he comforts.
My little Ruby has become a whiner (ugg!) I can NOT handle whinny kids, my pet peev in a BIG way. When I have had enough of it, I just tune it out. This little sweetie begins to take over when he sees his mama has been over the edge.
''Oh Ruby do you just need big brother to give you loves?'' It works!
Some days we battle my big dude and I. We are so much the same, that we do bump heads. He has a way that's better than mine and we are both stubborn and so on the battle begins. For the most part this I am one lucky mama!
My guy is so brilliant in business. He will be a business man no doubt. At the start of summer he worked and made some money to buy some party poppers. I drove him to Fred Meyer with a silly grin plastered on his face to buy his much anticipated product. We got home and found out a couple of them did not work. He wanted to write the company. Me, feeling I didn't want to take the time to address, stamp, and write out a letter that may end up not being read said ''sometimes this happens!'' NO, he insisted that on the box's there is a non duds guarantee, so he did it all on his own. Every day for a month he checked the mail, I was so cynical...why would they write a kid? One day he got it the letter he was waiting for! It was written by the CEO himself. He was so impressed with my sons letter, he wanted to set up a time to meet him and deliver the products himself. We called the CEO as the letter requested and he spoke with me and told me that he read the letter at a business meeting with TNT and they would love to have a picture of my son because they KNOW he will grow up to be in business! We meet him next week and my son, has already picked out what he will wear!
He is so compassionate too, this is something my heart longs for children that Love Jesus and are compassionate! At dinner my sweet time with him came to a halt when he said ''Mom, I think soon I will be going through puberty!'' all smiles.....Sheesh the room was silent, and there it was. Ten will be a really interesting year!

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The Tulloss Family said...

I LOVE the letter story and the puberty statement. Made me smile - big!

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