Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kink in the plan

Grace first mani-pedi, she loved it!

My dad and his half the grandkids ;)

My dad and my hubby pretty did this the entire time!

My parents were here a few weeks ago. IT WAS SO WONDERFUL! I am pretty independent, I can usually do things on my own and really not need people self-sufficient. I have been without my folks since I was 17 and for 14 years I have pretty much survived without them. Its been sad for me, being so far from family. If you know about Puerto ricans you know its tight for life. No matter what happens and how many times you piss each other off the next time you see your family you are kissing them and hugging them. Its just the way we were brought up. When I moved here, I had the same expectation of families everywhere. It was and is not so much the same. Families just look different and my heart had to let so much expectations go, I find myself in the same shoes so often. Its okay, it was and is a growing process for me, over and over and sure I have driven our family crazy as well ;) No family is perfect I get that, mine has never been perfect not even growing up, at all.

Then my parents came and threw a kink in my style. While my dad was here, he steam cleaned and detailed my car, changed my oil, waxed my car, filled my tire, cleaned my garage, fixed broken curtain rods, cleaned the yard. He played tag with my kids in the back yard, set up a tent and had the kids have their first Smore's (Ghana kids) he went shoes shopping with me at Nordstroms people. He pretty much rocks. Wait I forgot he got me a coffee EVERY day, um, coffee is my love language, and I know its not a real one of the 5 but I have made it a 6 and its mine.
I joke but I think my mom has OCD, she has to clean EVERY minute of the day my laundry was always done every corner of my house felt clean. She ran to the store to fill my staples when I ran low and she cooked. PEOPLE that feels so good!

Every day my shoulders were less and less tense, I didn't realize that I was even stressed until they came. I thought I was doing just fine.

They both bonded with the kids so well. My mom took G to the store with her and if you saw the look on her face when my mom would pick something special for her, and she took us to get manis and pampering!
My dad would tell E that they both have the same blood because they have the same color skin (my dad is lighter!) but E just smiled when he would say that.
We went to the mountains, we went to festivals, to fairs, to bakeries to restaurant's, and Saturdays were so fun for me. Frank works every single Saturday and its always been so lonely for me. They made my Saturday sunshine.
Then they were getting ready to leave and I could feel my shoulders begin to tense again. I could feel the pulling like a magnet I want this all the time. I know it wouldn't be the same because we wont live in the same house, but I need this.
We are leaving to check out Georgia, I have family in Georgia that LOVE it. We didn't want to move to Florida we didn't ever have a peace about it. My parents would move if we moved and we could have the South, I love the South!
Its a kink because we thought we were right in the place we were going to be forever, I gave up the idea of being with my family and it left a hole in my heart but it was to hard for my hubby to leave his home. We have great friends here, and we do have family, we don't hang out as much but they are still family and we love them and would miss them and our nephews. At this point we feel like we are being squeezed like a lemon and we are craving a change. I am craving loose shoulder's again. So there you have it. If you are from the South close to Roswell, Alpharatta (where my favorite pastor of all just happens to have his church Andy Stanley) give me a shout out. I would love some input.


The Last Crusade said...

We live about 2 hours from that part of GA. I love it around here! The weather's good, and the people are great!

The Redman's said...

I got a little lump in my throat reading this. SOOOO happy for you, but you'll be taking a piece of me to GA with you. :(


Allison said...

Okay, coming out of lurking land :-)

My family lives about 45 minutes from there in Cobb County. GA is a great place to live and offers a lot in the way of community. Traffic is terrible though...just sayin! I've lived here my whole life. It's grown A LOT over the last 15 years. But living is good and reasonable cost/job wise. My husband's family is Cuban and Puerto Rican and you will find a good community of those around here too. :-)

There are also a ton of resources and support groups in regards to adoption and also a lot of different mommy groups that you can join.

Hope you enjoy your visit!!

Allison said...

Absolutely!!! :-)

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