Monday, August 9, 2010

How are you two?

Someone asked me the other day how my hubby and I are doing. They say everyone is always asking about how the kids are adjusting, but forget to ask about how parents are doing together. I have to admit its like I always say an adjustment! We have not had a date in two months alone on our own. Finding a sitter for five kids is not going to be easy although I have two super teenagers who have signed up for the task...I'm calling you girls soon! I have not felt super comfortable leaving the kids just yet, but I can tell that mom and dad need some time away!
Its been an eye opener for both sides because where I am lacking in Patience my hubby swoops in and does awesome visa versa. Some days we are both very short with the kids, very frustrated with the chaos of tattling and oh my word If someone calls mom or dad on more time...on more time!
However I have sudden glimpse of appreciation in the noise and clutter. I begin to see a man loving on children that were not born from his flesh but is most definitely loved like it. Seeing his big daddy arms around our 8 year old daughter warms my heart to no end. Watching our new guy giggle with dads tickles just sets my heart afire for the reason why I love that man.
Trust me, there are days that we are short with each other and pass each other and some days feel distant from the other, those days where you have to stop time and choose to listen not just ah haa from work conversations. If you have a hubby who shares with you about work at the end of a work day you kinda know what I mean.
At the end of bible story time and tucking kids in and water and potty escapes from the wee ones, we find ourselves tuckered out drinking our tea and sharing about the day. Sometimes I even watch deadliest catch and those crazy Si-Fi shows, just to be in the same room! Tonight I let him fill out my election card for me...yep. I erased one selected official, but people if you know us, you know this is love ;)!

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