Monday, August 16, 2010 are so my BFFL

I am in a book club on Wen. night with some pretty amazing and loving gals. One of them decided to do this book by Beth Moore So long Insecurity. I took one look at this in the mass email to all the girls and though I am over insecurity! I am confident in who I am in Christ and know I am corky but I am corky for Christ and I am radical and that's all good!, I was so wrong. In this book she hits everything and every kind on insecurity. I was over my body image, I am a little cushy. well so what a bit more than just a little, I was fine with that. I don't notice the pretty girl in the room nor do I compare myself to her no longer, good there. Then came this page on page #169, Beth wrote out a prayer that you spend 30 minutes praying, I did well until this very phrase "Forgive me for unbelief, If I realized how valuable I am, my insatiable need for affirmation would be quieted.'' I am stubborn even with the Lord so this one hit me and I told myself ''I can care less if I get affirmed or not..who gives!''..The Lord said to me ''I begg to differ!'' Yes He speaks modern with me...does He with you? :)
This lesson we hit time and time again, Holy Moses when will it enter my fat skull?! I am so so so valuable to Him, why do I need affirmation from anyone else.
I have begged Him to get this over with and just put me under heart surgery and be done! Not so easy, he brings things up every now and then more then than now, but plenty to show me I don't need affirmation from anyone else. Just Him.
Bethy is my BFFL, at least one day she will get to meet me and we will sip tea on her porch...what too much?! Its on my bucket list OK! If you have seen this book on the shelf and thought you don't need it, let me assure you GET IT! Its awesome.

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