Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hot dogs and Ice cream

What you see here is Ice cream on a hot dog bun. Our Ghana kids have had a hard time with our American food. With the taste with the way it looks, and how to eat it.
For instance, on the 4th of July, I see G with this ice cream on a hot dog bun. I just giggled and said ''What on earth, G this is a hot dog bun for HOT dogs (they call them sausages!) and the ice cream you put on a cone, honey dear!'' She just sheepishly smiled, and continued to eat her ice cream bun. Today at a BBQ I see that she was eating a Burger in a hot dog bun. You should see what she does to a taco! If I could cook the same thing every night for the duo it would be fried rice and fried chicken. A specialty in Ghana, that I have not even come close to mastered! These are first that we have got to experience with the kids and its been insanely fun watching them eat this for the first time. After they all they had to endure watching me eat Ghana foods for the first time, I held back the frowned eyebrows look on my face when I touched the Banku (a Ghanaian dish) for the first time..slimy.
1. scrambled eggs
2. Bacon
3. Hot dogs and hamburgers
5. Chicken nuggets
10. Quesadillas
When I start to cook they have a disgust look on their face and say "mummy....Whatisdat!''
They try it and sometimes they say ''Mummi No like it!''...or 'Mummi is sweet!'' (which means its good!)

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