Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Travel Journal to Ghana-Getting there

I am back home and this is my travel journal I will share with you. Full details will remain disclose for the protection of my kids, but for the most part I can be a little open about the journey.

My sweet friend Selene and I have taken off on this journey to get my kids. I am full of emotions. I am nervous to be away from my family, I am nervous to be in care of someone else. Even though my friend is an adult I worry that something can happen and its all my fault! I am worried that the kids would not react the way I had imagined so I make myself not expect anything. After 16 hours of flight, one jump start running through the airport, no, sprinting to catch our flight to Accra. We land all safe in the mid afternoon. The sign greeting us after getting there. AKWAABA, meaning Welcome!

We go through immigration/customs and get our luggage. The inspector asks me to adopt him so he can also come to America. I thought he was joking but he really was not laughing. Joha my Ghana coordinator has come to meet us with a sign that has my name on it. I LOVE when people greet me at the airport with a sign that has my name on it. Has only happened twice. But LOVE it all the same.
Eddie Murphy (I nicked named him to proctect his privacy) is the guy responsible for all our paperwork and handling's from the Ghana side of things. He knows our case well and has worked hard for us! I knew after meeting him we would hit it off well...we did!
I had this brilliant idea...yeah Nat, that I would spend the week in a villa in Accra. The villas were less expensive than the really nice hotels and it has a kitchen and you can hire a cook for $10 bucks..that's worth it right? So, when Eddie has taken us to our villa, that was FAR from the place we would have to get a taxi, I mean we are talking two miles or so. Not that far, BUT, two miles in Ghana smoldering heat is like 5 or more. When we Finally got the the villas I could see it in Eddies face, not a good idea! So, I looked at him and said are we safe here. He said Sure you are, then I asked should we stay here. He took a look at the dirt roads that were not flat they were like driving on mini-hills, he answered in his cute Ghanaian English ''You may not wish to stay here while its raining. These roads will become rivers!'' That's enough said plan number 2. The Rye Manor hotel which is very close to where the kids would be and very near CKO an organization we are very familiar and have friends that are there.
We decided to get sleep and meet the kids the next morning...I know how can we stand it, but jet-lag does not make you think straight! We arrived at the Rye Manor and the manager...Oh my Lord I can write a whole post about her alone!! Lets just say she is sassy and all else! I can't complain about the place. It has AC, hot showers (cold showers were great for me however!) and its very clean.
Selene and I kept saying to each other can you believe we are in Africa, we are here! We are here! From the roosters crowing at all times of the day to the feel of red dirt in my shoes I had that familiar feeling, my second home.


The B Family said...

Am loving this! On the edge of my seat waiting for the next installment!

Kari Smith said...

Are you really home with your kids?!! May God bless you during this transition period and give you the strength for whatever comes your way. Many blessings and can't wait to meet the new Teabos.

Heckert's Highway said...

I love this Nat!! Thanks for sharing. I like how you tell your story, it's fun to read:O) I can't wait to hear more!! Love you guys!!!

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