Thursday, June 3, 2010


Remember how today I was short 2500? Actually those were only for the tickets and hotel? So I just thought I can put 1000 bucks on my card, it would just have to do. No one should be expected to pay for our expenses this way. Its just amazing that its even happening. I thought I had some donations in the day of 500 :) so it was down to 2000 but I thought I will just say 1000 because I feel so embarrassed that people have been asking because they want to give so generously. So... Tonight I get a phone call from a friend that has given me I am not kidding. $1000, when I gasped and said I can't take the whole amount no way...she just said ''This is God, you are giving two orphans a home that will learn all about Jesus, this is his thing!'' Take it. Then...I am in the middle of Safeway not five minutes after the first call another friend calls and says that her husband and her have been praying and they have the same number in their heads of 1000. I was so blown away. I told her someone had already called and donated the full amount...still amazed by what I am hearing. She then said okay about the hotel. That one was going on my card...remember the whole 1000 I didn't want to share with Jesus :) because I would take care of it. So, it was settled I was only going to have her give me the hotel fee 500 bucks ;0). I accidentally called her back instead later and she said God would not leave her alone she really feels like the number is suppose to be 1000. DO YOU SEE WHAT GOD DID??
He not only brought all the money, he said he would provide every single cent. So, when I tried to withhold some for myself. He still would not allow that. I had no need to worry, do you see what we just witnessed, GOD in all HIS Glory! Using people, people that you can tell own his heart because he owns their wallets. I have extra dollars and I can't wait to let the kids buy something special and just showering them with some fun things before we come back home.
Thank you for praying, thank you for watching God move with me. Thank you Thank you Thank you!


Rachel said...

Natalie, I am so blessed by your story! God provides in HIS time, in HIS way!! All He's asking for is a little faith in Him!!! So happy for you!!

Go get those kiddos!!!!! And know we'll be praying for you!!


Heckert's Highway said...

Ok, so I'm crying!!! God really is so good!!! I just love HIM!!! I can't wait to meet my new niece and nephew!! Hurry up and get there and get back Already!!

Laura said...

Congratulations Natalie and family! I am so happy for you to finally get to go to Ghana and hold your kids! Have a safe trip.

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!