Thursday, June 3, 2010


This morning we got off the phone with the embassy who asked us to bring in our kids passport to the embassy on WEDNESDAY of next week! We do not have visas as yet, that's why the passports have to go into the embassy and then hopefully be printed in a couple days after that? I PRAY! So, this day if you can imagine has been CRAZY. We knew we were going but we didn't know when. We knew it was soon, but it was not real to me until today. The worse part is I still was short for our tickets and room and board. Our adoption has been a huge faith walk. Adoption of two children internationally can be costly, and Comcast will be reimbursing us about %60 percent of what we have paid. The other %40 is still huge we have been piching every single penny and fundraising. Its been AMAZING and a faith walk. When we first saw the bottom line for our adoption it was not matching our income. There was no way that we could fork out that amount in a short amount of time. But we knew that we knew that he had to take the leap and that God in all his wisdom would provide every penny even if it meant we would have to have sacrifices . For one year we have cut back on our expenses, then in the middle of our adoption, we were faced with some major hurdles that we thought would kill us. Our car had broken down, Franks over time was lost, things got tight really fast because we were paying out of pocket for the adoption until we had to bust out what we hate to use the card! That plastic stink!

We were unable to come up with the BIG amounts fast, and we thought to ourselves this will be okay because there will be a reimbursement with the company. But the CC company wont wait for the reimbursement they want money monthly! DUH! So...long story about the expenses we moved forward knowing that one day....this will all be worth it. There is not a price you can put to a child or two ;).
So...this morning I was still short 2600 buckeroos! But tonight I am short 1000 bucks ;) that's it. God has moved in mighty ways. WATCH HIM BE GOD. STINKING AWESOME! Will you join me in prayer as we see HIM be exactly what He is GOD!

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