Thursday, June 24, 2010

Days 4-5 Highlights and lowlights

These days have blended together so I will give the highlights :)
Took the kids to a buffet yes all you can eat at their first very fancy chamnsy restaurant. They could not understand why there were so many silverware and what they were all for. Look at their faces as they used them. Oatmeal was a first, look at E's face. The love bacon and sausages and had their first scrabbled eggs which is a request at my house every day from these two. ''Ra-Ro'' mum ''Ra-Ro'' yes I got that one down.
This is the fanciest most nicest hotel in all of Accra. We loved it so much we decided to march to the front counter and ask how much for a night...$320.00 okay we will stick with Madam Crazy for another few nights!

Mary, Auntie Comforts daughter took us to the market with the kids. And I have the best pictures, and for some reason my camera deleted them ;( so sad. But we got E the best handmade Ghanaian drum that has his named carved in it. If you go to Ghana ask Mary to take you to the market, she is good at bargaining, they will always mark things up if you are an Obruni (white man) but with Mary you will get the best deals. She would love
to have a special treat for her services. We took her to Global Mamas with is another must go while you are in Ghana. We bought her a dress and a beautiful blouse and took her to lunch she is a little jem!

Seeing things from the kids perspective has been fun even now while we are home, its been so funny.

So I said highlights so there must be some low lights? hmm..well yes! Anita my coordinator has said there are two things that take place when you adopt older children. One, you have a honey Moon stage, everything is beautiful, perfect, wonderful, and then later you get to the hard part, or....they show you the real them right away. Hmm..right away I got the Love ;). E has ran away from me a few times. When he runs I am chasing him like a crazy white woman, and guess who is looking at me? EVERYONE!

So, I have let him go sometimes. The people in Ghana just say ''BEAT HIM''. In Ghana lets just say there is one type of discipline the.... cane! The hotel manager was tired of him running from me and she said ''Let me beat him for you!'' at first I said ''NO!'' but by the end of the trip I was like... please! But don't worry it did not happen :)

G...she is another story. There are things I think I will keep to my inner circle with her. But I can say that things will take time. Adoption is about redemption, making something broken into beautiful. My Jesus did this with me, there is hope for her sweet heart. He choose me to be her mama and help with healing. It will take tons of time, patience, resources, understanding, compassion, it will change me in the process as well. I know from my past that from brokenness can come wholeness, from ashes beauty can rise. Its hard work, it will take more hard work, and this priceless jem is worth it more than I can even imagine. God moved in our hearts, hearts across the world, fought and battled against all odds...why because SHE IS WORTH IT! Because she needed someone to fight for her, to show her she is worth it, to cross an ocean for her, to say right into her eyes, YOU ARE PRECIOUS, YOU ARE PERFECT, YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE CHOSEN, YOU ARE WANTED, YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE ADORED my child.
There are times that I can not muster those words, where I can not come up with those words, because of the day we have had, but if I were to even share with you the way her face lights up and tears swell up in her eyes when she hears these special words, I have to.


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

LOVED hearing more of your story...praying for this time of transition!!!!!

Murphy Momma said...

Oh girl, I know the honeymoon period and the "toddler chaos" Every boundary had to be established early on. Hang in there and stand firm. Things will get much easier if you give it some time. Praying

The B Family said...

"YOU ARE PRECIOUS, YOU ARE PERFECT, YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE CHOSEN, YOU ARE WANTED, YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE ADORED. . ." that last paragraph had me in tears. Looking forward to the rest of your trip and to following E and G's stories after they're home.

And I love your writing style--I feel like I'm talking over coffee with a friend. Your honesty and sweet heart shine through.

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!