Saturday, June 26, 2010

Meeting her...

I have imagined this day since I learned of her. Birth mom. Meeting your adoptive child's birth mom is one of the most rewarding and honored privileges you will know have. Its the missing piece of the puzzle. When we meet Ruby's birth mother in Ethiopia, it was a very hard moment. All I kept thinking and feeling was that I was a big white American woman, I felt like a giant in the room, I felt humble, and yet a little shameful. I felt as if I was taking her child from her. No matter how wonderful adoption can be, there are these times. The times where you know if things were different, this choice would have not been made.
We had been trying to contact her all week and there had been no connection. In Ghana, communication is very much different than we have here. Here you call, email, face book, twitter, text, and if those forms of communication fails then if you really have to you drive out to the persons house. In Ghana if a person does not have a cell phone, or home phone, you are calling the aunt, uncle, sister, cousin, brother. You get my drift. Well no connection had been made. I had come to the terms that I would have to leave Ghana and not see into the eyes of the woman that birthed my new children. I was sad a small relived as well.
Until Friday...she was in town, and she wanted to see me! I got the call right after I came home from the beach, to which I had burnt my face and back didn't feel THAT hot, I don't need sunscreen. yeah.
I sprayed water on my face. Brushed my teeth, got all spiffy. Then took all of that off, and returned to my beach clothing...I didn't know what to wear. I rememberedI felt over-dressed when I meet Ruby's mom because it was the same day we went to the embassy so I dressed up a little. E was with us, G was having her hair braided. PERFECT. I didn't know how she would respond. It was the first time I had E for a nap...he could not sleep in the room with AC so I took the little dude outside on the patio, it was SO HOT and very loud the passing taxis, the people on the street. He feel right asleep. Perfect. I waited and waited and waited. Then it hit me, in Ghana when they say they would be right there, they didn't really mean right now.
E had waken....the bell rang. It was her, along with our interpeter Miss M. I meet them downstairs and greeted them, and saw the sweetest baby boy ever. Little Ishmael, he is G and Es littlest brother. I layed eyes on him, oh my I was in love! She had him wrapped so sweetly on her back, Ghana style. We went into our cozy ac room, bags and kids toys everywhere, I automatically feel awkward. I take out a chair for her and she removes baby Ishmael from her back. I wanted to hold him, but the last thing I wanted her to feel was that I wanted to take him also. I just motioned that he can lay on the bed so that she can rest, and I keept saying ''where is mama...there she is...poiting to her!''....I was overdoing it...It was akward..say something Nat...something smart?! She sayed something to Miss M. it was the sweetest thing when I heard Miss M interpret. Mama had said ''Please lay him in the middle of the bed, so that he would not roll over and fall on the floor!'' Of course...yes, you are right, I will not let him fall on the floor. A flood of emotions over took me. She was a good mom SHE IS A GOOD MOM. Selene and I were goo-gooing all over little Ishameal, and I noticed that E, had starting to jump on the bed, and getting into things. TONS of things. He had seemed to eat a spoonful of sugar, zip zapping around the room. I asked him to come see the baby. WHO LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM!
He didn't want to get close. I could hear his mama say something in GA to him and then motion to the chair I had purposly put close to her for that very reason. He didn't look at her, looked at me and said a very sharp "NO!''. I began my mini-intervew. I am saving the answers for my own childresn privacy. I asked her ''Are G or E named after someone in the family ?'' ''Who did they grow with grandmas and aunties..etc" "How did G get a scar on her lip?'' 'What was G like as a baby, toddler, little girl?How about E?'' ''Can she think of any funny stories she wants them to know?'' and the tough ones. What does she want the kids to remember of her? How about the culture they are from?'' "Does she have any special words for them''....I recorded this one.
At this time, E was all over the place. By know I was conviced that he had eaten a cup full of sugar! I wanted photos close to mama, E would NOT do it. HE didn't even look at her the whole time. My heart was crushed for her. She was sad that she could not see G. Or that G's hair was still being braided. We small chatted for what seemed like an hour. E was getting worse. Opening things he was not suppose to, jumping on the beds, pulling plugs from things, I could tell that her presence was stressing him out. I was sad to do this, but I stood up. I thanked her for her time, I thanked her for her sacrafice of love, I told her I would always speak of Ghana, that she would always be mama to them, I told her I PROMISE to watch over them, that my husband and I would do everything in our power to allow them the opportunities of life. I held back tears.
I walked them down all of them. Came back upstair and held my little boy.

I can never imagine what that would be like on the other side. Whatever I felt, was in no where no way a comparison, nor even close. When people know hear about the way your children came into your family, they want to know the story about how they even came to be available to be adopted. I don't share this story openly. This is not my history to share. I hear ''How can anyone every give up their child?'' I hear '' I would do anything else, than give up my own child!''
I almost want to throw up in my own mouth when I hear these words. We can't even come close to understanding the desperation of these moms, this is a love, one I hope we never have to come to showing, one that no matter how you slice the cake, it hurts everyone. I can tell G and E that their mom gave them up because she loved them and wanted to make sure they would be safe, feed, be educated, etc. Do you think that would matter right now to them? No. Family preservation is the best choice and when the programs are full, when there are no other options, adoption is a choice for so many of these families. I can think of all the horrible things a mother can do to survive, selling her child, it happens.

This mama choose love. For that I love her.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Days 4-5 Highlights and lowlights

These days have blended together so I will give the highlights :)
Took the kids to a buffet yes all you can eat at their first very fancy chamnsy restaurant. They could not understand why there were so many silverware and what they were all for. Look at their faces as they used them. Oatmeal was a first, look at E's face. The love bacon and sausages and had their first scrabbled eggs which is a request at my house every day from these two. ''Ra-Ro'' mum ''Ra-Ro'' yes I got that one down.
This is the fanciest most nicest hotel in all of Accra. We loved it so much we decided to march to the front counter and ask how much for a night...$320.00 okay we will stick with Madam Crazy for another few nights!

Mary, Auntie Comforts daughter took us to the market with the kids. And I have the best pictures, and for some reason my camera deleted them ;( so sad. But we got E the best handmade Ghanaian drum that has his named carved in it. If you go to Ghana ask Mary to take you to the market, she is good at bargaining, they will always mark things up if you are an Obruni (white man) but with Mary you will get the best deals. She would love
to have a special treat for her services. We took her to Global Mamas with is another must go while you are in Ghana. We bought her a dress and a beautiful blouse and took her to lunch she is a little jem!

Seeing things from the kids perspective has been fun even now while we are home, its been so funny.

So I said highlights so there must be some low lights? hmm..well yes! Anita my coordinator has said there are two things that take place when you adopt older children. One, you have a honey Moon stage, everything is beautiful, perfect, wonderful, and then later you get to the hard part, or....they show you the real them right away. Hmm..right away I got the Love ;). E has ran away from me a few times. When he runs I am chasing him like a crazy white woman, and guess who is looking at me? EVERYONE!

So, I have let him go sometimes. The people in Ghana just say ''BEAT HIM''. In Ghana lets just say there is one type of discipline the.... cane! The hotel manager was tired of him running from me and she said ''Let me beat him for you!'' at first I said ''NO!'' but by the end of the trip I was like... please! But don't worry it did not happen :)

G...she is another story. There are things I think I will keep to my inner circle with her. But I can say that things will take time. Adoption is about redemption, making something broken into beautiful. My Jesus did this with me, there is hope for her sweet heart. He choose me to be her mama and help with healing. It will take tons of time, patience, resources, understanding, compassion, it will change me in the process as well. I know from my past that from brokenness can come wholeness, from ashes beauty can rise. Its hard work, it will take more hard work, and this priceless jem is worth it more than I can even imagine. God moved in our hearts, hearts across the world, fought and battled against all odds...why because SHE IS WORTH IT! Because she needed someone to fight for her, to show her she is worth it, to cross an ocean for her, to say right into her eyes, YOU ARE PRECIOUS, YOU ARE PERFECT, YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE CHOSEN, YOU ARE WANTED, YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE ADORED my child.
There are times that I can not muster those words, where I can not come up with those words, because of the day we have had, but if I were to even share with you the way her face lights up and tears swell up in her eyes when she hears these special words, I have to.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


These thoughts and feelings do not represent AAI, they represent my own opinions separate from AAI.

I have mixed feelings as I wake up to go drop my kids passports at the embassy. Eddie Murphy had planned to pick us up and take us. We drove through a very provished village, garbage filled the streets and the sewers were open. Children would urinate out in the open and it made me sad to see this part of Ghana, but its here right before my eyes. I can not ignore it, it was hard to see, but its reality. Selene was very quiet, I know she was thinking the same thing.

We get to the road where the embassy is at, then all of a sudden like a soar thumb this gigantic very well built building surrounded by beautiful court yard nicely manicured, protected by a 12 feet fence topped with spiral barbwire, and huge signs that say NO PHOTOGRAPHS. It was intimidating, and most defiantly out of place. But it was American no doubt the flying flag was ginormous and you would not mistake this building for anything else.

We showed the guards at the gate our invitation letter to enter. We were let through. We had to go through security and then walk to another building passing the lovely grounds. We enter another building where we show another pair of officers our letter and they take it to one of the windows. We stand, because out of 100+ seats there were no seats open. We wait to hear the children's names called. There is a wall with a line of glass windows with the embassy workers on the other side. You can hear them calling names one by one to the windows. Three seats open up after standing for 30 minutes. A familiar tune has been playing since we have entered. Its the National Anthem. Our American National Anthem. We are the only 'Obrunis' (white people) there. I see people walk away from the windows with tears and some with smiles. I see some walk away with a blue letter, and I notice the ones with the blue letters look happy. I begin to ask Eddie questions about how difficult it is to get to the US being a Ghanaian what the blue letter means. He tells me the blue letter is a visa pickup letter. A few Ghanaians have asked me for invitations to America, I just laughed them off, but they are totally serious, I know have come to understand why. To come into the US, you have to be invited, the person inviting the Ghanaian citizen has to prove the relationship by emails or by phone records, they also have to proof that they can take care of this person for X amount of time, bank records need to be submitted, YOU need to proof you have a place for them to stay. Then the visitor has to prove that he or she has money to buy the ticket to to the US as well as a return. Out of 100 people that pay to have a visa process about 20-30 of them will get granted a visa, the rest get denied. Then we got closer to the windows, and I listened as a video was playing of great American points of interest the great plains, the statue of liberty, everyone smiling and being all um... ''AMERICAN?'' They made sure to have people off all races on the video. The people on the video were saying ''I AM AN AMERICAN, WE ARE AMERICAN''. I couldn't help but notice the way they were talking to some of the Ghanaian people. One of the embassy officers got upset and over the intercom said ''You lady in the pink shirt get to the back of the line...yes you!'' his voice was very annoyed. Then another said "Please guards please come and remove this applicant at window 9 he is becoming very hostile, remove him immediately'' when we looked over to see the commotion at window 9, the man at the window looked puzzled. He was not yelling, he seemed calm, what was the man going to do, there was a bullet proof glass protecting him, he had to go through security? The longer we stayed there to hear they way some of these American workers were speaking, the smaller and smaller I felt, I wanted to hide my passport, I was ashamed. And I AM NEVER ashamed to be an American. I was so sad that Americans would treat people this way. IT felt like they were on a high horse, if I was not at their mercy I would want to knock them off it!

I understand that we have to have laws and I get that people need to follow them. BUT, I do not understand, why its has to be that difficult. We are the land of opportunity, the land where dreams can come true. Not all the people that walked out without a blue letter look like a terrorist. There were older people, children, mamas with babies. The thing that makes me sick about the whole things, is that these people have to come up with the money to get a visa application EVEN if they are denied at the end. So they walk in to this Majesty of a building that is tempting with hope and a future hearing the national anthem, looking at the big posters of the statue of liberty hearing the video "I am an American!'' and then without even a smile they here this ''I am sorry you do not have the qualifications to come into the applicant please.'' Dreams shattered. The end.

My heart was pounding I hope I get a nice one, oh please. So my kids names are called. I walk up to the window and by now its reminding me of the land of Oz and the wizard. The man that greeted me was SO NICE. I have to add that he was a little hottie too, I already told Frank so its good :) He asked me some questions about what I think adoption is about, If I had been in contact with social welfare, and a few other questions that I knew he knew the answer to, but I had to answer anyways. He gets the blue sheet out....I am getting super nervous. He says to come back on Friday the visas may be ready ....if there are no complications. WHAT??! What do you mean no yeah that came out of my mouth just like that ''WHAT..WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO COMPLICATIONS.'' Well with administration, I can never guarantee that it will be ready (I already knew this) I was just fishing for yes they have visas just not printed yet. "Everything looks good, on my end, so we will see you on Friday.'' My favorite part is there was a shortage of electricity and he continue to do his work in the total dark..I didn't know what to do but to continue talking. I had to break and ask "okay does this happen all the time?'' "yes'' he continued shuffling papers, the lights came back on a few seconds later and I took my blue sheet with me.

I know the whole point and least I am trusting that the whole change for visas of adoptive families is to assure there are no corruption in Ghana, because for sure there are in most countries, yes also USA. I am assuming the are playing, pardon this word, HARD ASS for this reason. The changes seem fair and make sense in order to have visas processed correctly. But thinking of the whole process makes me wonder...imagine The DNAs came out without being matched, the visas would be denied and my children would not come home with me. Two hearts broken. This happened to a sweet couple who lived in Ghana for 5 months getting to know their new children, ten upon tens of interviews and one wrong word brought a denial and return to the bio mom. Also there are ways to do business and frankly I am not impressed. Hello, maybe bust a smile, give a little cheer, you are representing one of the best nations if not the best nation of the world. It does not hurt to smile.
I walked out with a blue piece of hope that day, and a little disappointment. Greeted my kids at Aunties and we all spent the rest of the day at the Accra Mall. Where G and E saw their first pizza...but did not try it. And E tried running away from me again at the mall.

Day two- The meeting

We wake up to the sound of roosters and vendors out on the street, the buses moving, horns beeping, people sweeping the swish swish swish of the evening dust that has settled from the streets. Its a hot day already. We have AC the whole night so we don't know what awaits us outside the door until we opened and a cloud of heat and humidity hit us....WE ARE IN GHANA! I'm nervous, but we decide to walk to CKO. There is a little boy there that has attached himself to Selene. When we came into the gates of where the children's homes was (they spent the last couple of months with a foster mom, Auntie Ruth.)
Eban house belonging to Adoption Advocates International close the doors in April the children left were put into homes of Aunties that worked at Eban house. CKO an organization lead by my friend John was blessed to move into Eban's old house. Because they have some of the kids that AAI we wanted to go meet them. It was bitter sweet, we knew that many of these kids had families, but there were some that have aged out past 15 and will never have parents. A few that do not have moms or dads. Anita is working on it ;)
We get picked up to drive to go meet the kids! I am so calm for some reason, oh yes I prayed! We get picked up by a 4 door Toyota that I am surprised its even moving! The windows are rolled down the car is filled with the smell of exhaust from the cars in front of us. There is Ghana music playing on the radio. I feel overcome by what is about to take place.

Finally we pull up to a very small complex. I have my camera but can't really take pictures because I don't want to miss the moment. The taxi driver drives away but hits a HUGE pothole and gets stuck so Selene runs to help him out. I can't wait, so I enter to what turns out to be a small kitchen and the toilet and shower in the same room (with a small divider wall:). Very cozy!

I can see my kids being served lunch their plates on the floor, they were just being served water when E, my boy sees me. They yell "MAMMI!" and run to me almost pushing me to the ground! I hug them, look at them, hug them, look at them, hug them again. Then they go and sit down and eat lunch like if nothing has just happened. They are smiling at me the whole time. Very shy smiling.

I make small talk as best I can not knowing their extent of language, mostly about the food they are eating. The next thing you know Auntie Ruth is getting me a great big bowl of Jolof. Its a rice dish that has small pits of pasta, fish and chicken.
We eat our first meal together the plate on my lap sitting on the hot sticky floor. I could feel the sweat beading up on my forehead. It was a hot day in Ghana. We spent a few hours just chatting with Auntie Ruth and getting to know the kids. Watching them dance, and speak in GA. I had learned parts of the body, my numbers, and general greetings in GA so, once I began to speak them they were so happy! It was a connection. Auntie Ruth asked if we should do something today all together. YES! I can take the kids to the beach. I told Auntie Ruth that she can stay home and enjoy her day and I would take my kids to the beach.

There is a little sweetie who is waiting for her family to go to court and get paperwork done to get to her. She was weeping when we were about to leave, which made Selene cry which made Auntie Ruth cry. Next thing you know we had a third kid hanging with us that day.

I could not believe how fast the kids ran for the taxi, they wanted to go so bad. Then we went to RYE Manor to go and get suits. The children ran out of the taxi, rang the bell ran up the stairs and went right to room number 7. How did they know? ''Daddy, stay hea!'' Frank stayed in the same room back in February and they remembered. They were super excited and overwhelmed. We get our suits and off in another taxi to the pool!
In the taxi I am showing a picture of our family to G and she says thats my mammi. Yes thats me. Selene says to me, Nat, have you taken your hat off, she may not recognize you, what?! I had a hat the whole time with my hair stuck inside me hat. I take my hat off and shake my hair out and say G ''its me, I am your mom!'' She makes a big scream and says "its you, mammi!'' We think she really didnt understand I was her mom. Even thought Auntie Ruth told her, even though she yelled ''Mammi' at me,but she sat down right after looking at my face and didnt say much to me. They were tears in her eyes, I was so surprised.

We get to the Coco beach pool pay our fees and are ready for swimming, when Eric wants nothing to do with the water. If I walk towards the pool he is on the other side of the property. 30 minutes later we get him to wet his feet, and then 10 minutes after that the kid is a fish!

I was doing this, it was all good. UNTIL.... G my new daughter who is 8 and had an issue with little 'R'', the little girl that lives in the foster home with her, and decides to smack her, we are not taking a little hit here, we are talking full hitting more than a few times. To which little 'R' bless her heart is so upset, she even hit Auntie Selene really hard trying to get 'r'. So, I take my first action. Time out of the pool. Maybe it was not a good choice at the moment. I wanted to take her away from the situation so it seem the best thing to do right? Little miss 'G' decides that not only will she not speak to me or sit where I have asked her to sit. NO she will stand and take every article of clothing off that I have given to her down to what they call in Ghana her knickers! She stood there in her knickers with a frown on her face for one hour. Until Jennifer a mom who has been living at CKO waiting on paperwork for 5 weeks who knows G well, went over grabbed her hand, sat her next to her and just started to hug her. G was cooperating with her. And not talking to me. She missed out on ice cream because she would not come to eat some when I called her, so she was asking for ice cream again. When I told her that we were not going to eat ice cream because we all did together and she didn't come, she gave me the silent treatment for another little while. My boy E, decided to run from me a few times while I was there, more hitting, more silent treatment and this mom was wiped out from day.

We returned back to the hotel gave the kids baths, to where you would think the kids were dancing in money they way they were jumping up and down in the tub, sliding all over the place asking for more water on their faces. Tub baths in a real tub was a first for them. They other thing they were fascinated about was the flowing water from the facet. E keep turning it on and off on and off. My big day at the embassy was the next day and so the kids could not sleep with me this night. To which they were very upset at me for!

Auntie Ruth came and brought Auntie Comfort, I will write a post about her, she deserves one for sure! Auntie Comfort came in and embraced me with a giant hug and said "God Bless you" She reminded me of my grandmother, she had me at Hello! Comfort asked me about me day, when I told her in all honestly that it was very stressful. She very softly looked at G, my girl, and began speaking in GA her home language. G began to have tears in her eyes and then rolling down her sweet brown cheeks. I didn't understand all the GA, but from the words I did know. She was giving G a lecture about how she treated me this day. Then is English she says to G, 'CHILDREN"....G says "OBEY YOUR PARENTS IN THE LORD!'' and they began to recite many more verses in English. Then G comes to me very resentful and says 'please mummy Isarry''

I hugged her, oh sweet girl, Its going to take some time to heal this one. They left with Auntie with no fights or issues.

And that was day two!

Travel Journal to Ghana-Getting there

I am back home and this is my travel journal I will share with you. Full details will remain disclose for the protection of my kids, but for the most part I can be a little open about the journey.

My sweet friend Selene and I have taken off on this journey to get my kids. I am full of emotions. I am nervous to be away from my family, I am nervous to be in care of someone else. Even though my friend is an adult I worry that something can happen and its all my fault! I am worried that the kids would not react the way I had imagined so I make myself not expect anything. After 16 hours of flight, one jump start running through the airport, no, sprinting to catch our flight to Accra. We land all safe in the mid afternoon. The sign greeting us after getting there. AKWAABA, meaning Welcome!

We go through immigration/customs and get our luggage. The inspector asks me to adopt him so he can also come to America. I thought he was joking but he really was not laughing. Joha my Ghana coordinator has come to meet us with a sign that has my name on it. I LOVE when people greet me at the airport with a sign that has my name on it. Has only happened twice. But LOVE it all the same.
Eddie Murphy (I nicked named him to proctect his privacy) is the guy responsible for all our paperwork and handling's from the Ghana side of things. He knows our case well and has worked hard for us! I knew after meeting him we would hit it off well...we did!
I had this brilliant idea...yeah Nat, that I would spend the week in a villa in Accra. The villas were less expensive than the really nice hotels and it has a kitchen and you can hire a cook for $10 bucks..that's worth it right? So, when Eddie has taken us to our villa, that was FAR from the place we would have to get a taxi, I mean we are talking two miles or so. Not that far, BUT, two miles in Ghana smoldering heat is like 5 or more. When we Finally got the the villas I could see it in Eddies face, not a good idea! So, I looked at him and said are we safe here. He said Sure you are, then I asked should we stay here. He took a look at the dirt roads that were not flat they were like driving on mini-hills, he answered in his cute Ghanaian English ''You may not wish to stay here while its raining. These roads will become rivers!'' That's enough said plan number 2. The Rye Manor hotel which is very close to where the kids would be and very near CKO an organization we are very familiar and have friends that are there.
We decided to get sleep and meet the kids the next morning...I know how can we stand it, but jet-lag does not make you think straight! We arrived at the Rye Manor and the manager...Oh my Lord I can write a whole post about her alone!! Lets just say she is sassy and all else! I can't complain about the place. It has AC, hot showers (cold showers were great for me however!) and its very clean.
Selene and I kept saying to each other can you believe we are in Africa, we are here! We are here! From the roosters crowing at all times of the day to the feel of red dirt in my shoes I had that familiar feeling, my second home.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Here I go...

These last few days I have lost sleep. When I go to leave my kids I do have anxiety, I would have been a basket case if F was not staying home. My sweet friend Selene is traveling with me. Her first time in Africa...Oh man is she in for a treat!

I gazed back on my Bucket List I made when I turned 30. I have accomplished a few things on my list :) #14- Take a friend to Africa... CHECK. #5 Make a political change in Politics...CHECK.

I am sure there are more that I am '''working on''.. but neat to see this take place.

Here we go, if your wondering what the picture above is, I will explain. My grandmother was a prayer warrior. When my son was dying in the hospital she sent this to me, a handkerchief doused in prayer oil and prayed with. She asked me to rub it on Hudson's head as I prayed. I did. It comes with me to major things such as this. Its my way of knowing that I have her blessing. A reminder that she is with me also.
Please pray for my family while I am gone. I will return with two more Teabos!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Remember how today I was short 2500? Actually those were only for the tickets and hotel? So I just thought I can put 1000 bucks on my card, it would just have to do. No one should be expected to pay for our expenses this way. Its just amazing that its even happening. I thought I had some donations in the day of 500 :) so it was down to 2000 but I thought I will just say 1000 because I feel so embarrassed that people have been asking because they want to give so generously. So... Tonight I get a phone call from a friend that has given me I am not kidding. $1000, when I gasped and said I can't take the whole amount no way...she just said ''This is God, you are giving two orphans a home that will learn all about Jesus, this is his thing!'' Take it. Then...I am in the middle of Safeway not five minutes after the first call another friend calls and says that her husband and her have been praying and they have the same number in their heads of 1000. I was so blown away. I told her someone had already called and donated the full amount...still amazed by what I am hearing. She then said okay about the hotel. That one was going on my card...remember the whole 1000 I didn't want to share with Jesus :) because I would take care of it. So, it was settled I was only going to have her give me the hotel fee 500 bucks ;0). I accidentally called her back instead later and she said God would not leave her alone she really feels like the number is suppose to be 1000. DO YOU SEE WHAT GOD DID??
He not only brought all the money, he said he would provide every single cent. So, when I tried to withhold some for myself. He still would not allow that. I had no need to worry, do you see what we just witnessed, GOD in all HIS Glory! Using people, people that you can tell own his heart because he owns their wallets. I have extra dollars and I can't wait to let the kids buy something special and just showering them with some fun things before we come back home.
Thank you for praying, thank you for watching God move with me. Thank you Thank you Thank you!


This morning we got off the phone with the embassy who asked us to bring in our kids passport to the embassy on WEDNESDAY of next week! We do not have visas as yet, that's why the passports have to go into the embassy and then hopefully be printed in a couple days after that? I PRAY! So, this day if you can imagine has been CRAZY. We knew we were going but we didn't know when. We knew it was soon, but it was not real to me until today. The worse part is I still was short for our tickets and room and board. Our adoption has been a huge faith walk. Adoption of two children internationally can be costly, and Comcast will be reimbursing us about %60 percent of what we have paid. The other %40 is still huge we have been piching every single penny and fundraising. Its been AMAZING and a faith walk. When we first saw the bottom line for our adoption it was not matching our income. There was no way that we could fork out that amount in a short amount of time. But we knew that we knew that he had to take the leap and that God in all his wisdom would provide every penny even if it meant we would have to have sacrifices . For one year we have cut back on our expenses, then in the middle of our adoption, we were faced with some major hurdles that we thought would kill us. Our car had broken down, Franks over time was lost, things got tight really fast because we were paying out of pocket for the adoption until we had to bust out what we hate to use the card! That plastic stink!

We were unable to come up with the BIG amounts fast, and we thought to ourselves this will be okay because there will be a reimbursement with the company. But the CC company wont wait for the reimbursement they want money monthly! DUH! So...long story about the expenses we moved forward knowing that one day....this will all be worth it. There is not a price you can put to a child or two ;).
So...this morning I was still short 2600 buckeroos! But tonight I am short 1000 bucks ;) that's it. God has moved in mighty ways. WATCH HIM BE GOD. STINKING AWESOME! Will you join me in prayer as we see HIM be exactly what He is GOD!
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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!