Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Little Rubers is 3

Ethiopia August 2007

This sweet angel turned three on Monday and went on a mommy date to get Hot coco and went shopping to Mommy's favorite toy store Wind up Here toys. Its one of those classical toy store you don't find most of these toys at Toys R Us. Guess what she picked out (with a little help ;) a ballerina jewelery box, you know they kind we all had as growing girls they one you wind up in the back and open up to a magical place of melody and your own treasure and imagination? Its bliss. She plays it about a gazillion times a day. As soon and she opens it up her eyes are set on the dancing ballerina figure that spins round and round and then she begins to imitate her.
Its so precious raising a girl. Moms and dads of girls I bet you agree (sometimes not!) My little miss is my buddy that LOVES to shop, LOVES to try things on and LOVES all things that sparkle. BUT, she can also play superman and unfortunately has learned to make gun sounds and bomb noises like her brothers, my favorite is she has made toot sounds too, that's classic little sister. What do you do!
She is the kinda girl you can go anywhere with because you know she wont make you feel uneasy meeting new people. She introduces me to EVERYONE she meets. YES, she meets people all the time. It always starts out with ''Hi, whats your name" in a very peppy and cute little voice ever. Then she will say " and so my name is Ruby and my mom she is Nalie"
C*U*T*E! I don't see her as the kinda gal to have any kinda of drama or confrontation at all....I LOVE THAT part!
Happy Birthday sweet Pea, WE ADORE YOU!

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JonesEthiopia said...

Aww, happy birthday!

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