Thursday, May 20, 2010

Floodgates Open Wide...oh Please!

My friend Erica who is fundraising for the adoption of her daughter in Ethiopia wrote a blog post today about a comment she received concerning someones negative view of her fundraising. I have had many people ask my where my donate button is on my blog because I have taken it down, for the same fear in my own heart, of what people would say if I am asking for money for our adoption.

Erica, you have put your words up on your blog concerning what fundraising for adoption really is We are raising a ransom for our children! Erica has eloquently posted how vulnerable it is to take the step and ask for help. Its scary to put yourself out there to be criticized, or invite comments that even though are valuable they can still hurt. The one comment I have heard concerning our and other adoptions is .. why are you adopting if you can not afford it? Hmmm...well to begin to answer this question you need to ask yourself what you think rich is? Because the standard will seem so different to so many people. There is a story of Bill Gates visiting a rural and poverty stricken village in India. A reporter sat down with Gates and this woman as Gates was asking her questions. Gates left the woman's small house and the reporter asked her ''Did you know one of the richest men in all the world was sitting in your house?'' The woman replied ''Everyone from the west is Rich!'' There you have it a standard we will never understand as Americans. We are rich. We have very little compared to many Americans, but very much compared to the whole world. I suppose the answer to that question is How can I afford not to? You will be amazed to see God move they way he does through adoptive families, because as believers we are called to this its not an option its a command to care for the orphans. So, there is an opportunity to do so with so many options out there and even in families adopting as well.

We are still in need for tickets to go to Ghana and yes we have done some major cutting back so we can add to the funds ourselves, and will continue to. However the tickets were a small fortune before and now going into summer they are even more! I know God will provide there is no question to me that he wont. My final attempt is a garage sale

so if you have any items you would like to donate to our sale. Look through your closets and see if there are anything you would like to part with, some of my friends has asked their children to look at their things to see what they can give away for G and E to come home.

The sale is at my house on Saturday June 5...I hope to be on a plane the following week to Ghana. Also my button will go back up, I wont limit God not for my own fear. If you are local and have things you would like to donate or if you don't and want to come help sell on that day...I will supply coffee and would love to have you old friends and new ;)!


Erica said...

I wish I could be there for your sale. Some friends in Oregon are hosting a sale for us this Saturday as well. Be blessed friend and get that donate button back up there! WE WILL BRING THEM HOME!!!

Karen said...

thanks for sharing. it is so hard for outsiders to understand the financial strains of adoption. I think when they can see that we are not simply and only asking for money, we are doing things ourselves to try to make it financially viable, like your sale, it is a good thing. We can pass a lot of judgement on eachother--WHY don't they help? It's so personal to us--its our CHILD. The beautiful part is not focusing on who isn't helping, but the many surprising gifts and encouraging notes from people who DO understand and DO choose to help. I'm speaking from experience--people who we knew could help, who we thought would help, did not. And then out of the blue, people we knew (sort of) and friends of friends started helping, and extended family, and it was sort of incredible WHO God used to meet our needs. :) I think its good you are adding back your button. Who knows who might see it and choose to give? :)

Heckert's Highway said...

I plan on being there to help Nat, and I have lots more to donate to the sale:O)

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