Thursday, April 15, 2010


Waiting, that theme is my life lately. Waiting for call backs, waiting for response, waiting on document waiting on information, waiting to get back to life, waiting on making plans for the future, waiting on my children. Since February we cut back on many things in our lives. We stopped going to our home group because we felt the kids would be here soon and we would have to stop anyways. I was going to do music with a bunch of fun gals for our churches VBS I had to give up my role to clear my schedule totally. I have had to change tickets three times, schedule and re-schedule again doctors appointment for my family. Put future plans on hold. For the wait.
Last week we were so close. The letter we were waiting for from Social welfare was delivered on April 7th to complete our visa appointment. On April 7th the embassy issues many changes to the requirement for visas. We are being asked to start over with those requirements that can add months to our already long wait. I have advocated with senators many MANY of you have written to the senators on our behalf. We have yet to hear from them. On a positive note two congressmen McDermott and Brian Baird have been positive. Baird office are trying right now as I write to advocate to the embassy on our behalf. So then again I must wait to see what happens there.
Its incredible in this wait right now I have a huge sense of peace. My soul feels still in the wait.
I was telling a friend that last week when we got the letter I did not purchase the tickets because I felt like the fight was not over yet. I felt like there is still more to come. We sense God in the midst. Even in the wait. We feel that AAI (Adoption Advocates International) and our family has been a help to the embassy in issuing a change for moral and just adoptions from Ghana.
If for anything. We feel that we advocated along with AAI for this change, to protect children from agencies cutting corners.
I told Frank the reason I feel at peace is that I gave this up. Not the plight for my kids, just that this is God's. Whatever the outcome, He will sustain us, He will get Glory and He will be God for us. I am resting under his wing in the wait. Continue to pray for some miracle that we don't have to restart the process. That my babies waiting will feel the love from across the seas. ALso adoption is getting a very negative air in the media, pray for thousands of adoptions that are waiting for some good news from Russia, Uganda, and yes Ghana!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Praying for continuing peace and BLESSINGS in disguise! Your children are loved and will know!!!

Renee said...

Praying! You are such an inspiration.

tracy hanson said...

I am Happy to see you will be Blessed again soon! I will be praying for you that it will go smoothly for you & frank.
The Waiting is the Worst & so Worth it!

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!