Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Teabo Tuesday: Basball night

Cracker Jacks, Baseball cards, peanuts, saltwater taffy, baby Ruth, hot dogs, and cream soda!
Lets not forget the BIG league chew

Took the kids to the batting cages. So much fun!

Okay look at this dude, loving it!

Dad teaching the swinging techniques

Ruby with a mouth full of Big chew.

Me swinging the big time :)!
This Teabo Tuesday family night was a blast. We finished out night with a movie the Rookie and ate our cracker jack and Baby Ruth. Num! People ask me often where I purchase items at, I try to make the family nights very simple and costing less and not to much hassle, it take the fun out when I am stressed out putting all the details into it. I do LOVE it, I think I was to be a party planner some time in my life ;)
Purchased the baseball ball and cards, and the 1,2, and 3 base matts that we used as place matts at the dollar store. The Big chew and cream soda at Top Foods, the baseball bat and gloves were borrowed.

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