Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sweet Friends... and jeans

This past fall we visited a pumpkin patch with our family. There was a dad with his daughter who looked Ethiopian to me. I just wanted to wait to see the mom, you never know. Then I saw mom she was beautiful and blond. We began to talk and yes this little girl was from Ethiopia. We exchanged phone numbers and she called me for a play date a few days later. We have become instant friends. SUPER LOVE them. Their daughter M. is 3 and Ruby look at her and Ruby together...cute!

It was my birthday just recently. I had some cash for both sets of parents and was going to make a huge purchase on JEANS :) I had my eye on them. I took my two sweet friends with me and tortured them with 1.5 and 50 jeans to try one. It was the best it was late night at BUCKLE jeans and these two friends would keep jean shopping with the staff for me. FINALLY I found them. The Jeans. I went over to the check out line and my friend bought them for me! No kidding these are not your typical Old Navy jeans these are BUCKLE and they are very $$$! I had birthday money and I was going to do this for myself. She beat me to it. Then we went to dinner and she bought me a rug, a lamp, and SEVEN table matts for all my family. Seriously. I was so thankful and a little shocked no one has ever gotten me that much stuff for my b-day! She reminds me of my southern friend Jenni who is moving to Hawaii and I don't want to talk about it ;(! But they have this Southern hospitality kind of people that when you stop by to pick up a small thing at their house all of a sudden your staying for dinner!
I heart those friends, if you have some Love them too!

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