Saturday, April 3, 2010

Life teachings from Ruby

Have you meet this sweet pea? If you have you know that she is probably one of the sweetest littlest angels you have ever meet in your whole life. She is for me. There is Never a dull moment with Ruby. Lately Ruby has been talking about Ethiopia (E-opia). When we are saying night prayers and praying for Mulu (her birth mama) and for her birth country. She will say to me with a sad face ''Mama, I miss it.'' I reply back ''what baby, what do you miss?''
"E-opia..Addis Ababba.'' I am so surprised by this because she was only 3 months old when we left Ethiopia. But she always makes a sad face when she speaks of it when we are praying.
I began to research attachment and we have always know that one day Ruby will feel pain in her heart for the country she left, for the mama she left. It aches my heart to no end that I can never repair that missing place for her. She amazes me and has taught us how to Love purely.

The other thing we have learning from this girl is to assume to best in EVERYONE, and trust me I have not learned yet! Ruby loves anyone and everyone regardless of what they look like or what they say or do. The other day we were in a store and there was a man who had a crutch and looked totally bummy, dirty clothing, smelt like Alcohol , greasy hair, and dingy and missing teeth. The kinda guy you think you would say hello to and be Jesus to but in actuality all you are thinking are ''Were are all my kids, all heads need to be counted!'' Ruby gave this man a Humongous smile as if this man was her own Father coming home from work. She then said to him VERY LOUDLY '' Hello Mr. are you okay, what happened to your leg?'' I blushed and just whispered to her ''Ruby that's so nice you are saying hello, but he may not want to tell us about his leg.''
Then man said ''oh Mam, thank you she said Hello to me and that's wonderful!'' CONVICTED to tears I was right there in the middle of Tumwater Safeway.

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