Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Family Nights

So I have forgotten to post some of our family nights here, I do on facebook put that will not do you any good unless you are my friend, and if you are not yet, why not? :)

A year ago my friend Suzi introduced my to this blog. This woman Heather and her best friend wanted to make family nights but they wanted to do something a little different. Add a theme. I read and re-reaed this blog and wondered to myself it this would work with our family. Would it be time consuming and more expensive than going out to eat?

Frank and I talked about it. So we tried it out, our first themed family night was snowman night. The kids LOVED it. We decided to continue, were doing them once a week and then I was spent! We then decided it would be best to try twice a month to this day we have skipped a few times. When we do our kids are so sad. They tell friends about Teabo Tuesday, so friends ask what theme is it this week. How funny! It does take time, however there are some I do plan in a few hours time. The whole point is to build memories with your children that's fun where they see you being and having fun with them. Its so important for our kids to see is laugh and chase them around the house even if the laundry is piled up and there are still a gazillion projects to do.

I can't tell you how many times it has brought tears to my eyes to see all of them enjoying each other and having a blast! One of my favorite things is when friends come to the door to ask if they can play and they say really quick "Nope...WE HAVE TEABO TUESDAY!''

If you have never tried give it a shot, I can help you with ideas, and its really easier than it looks!

So how about you do you have a fun family night you do as a family? What do you do? If you have any ideas for me for family night, let me know.


David and Amy said...

Love this idea. Think it will be so great for when our kiddos come home too; great bonding! I'm going to check out that site you linked.

Mason Mama said...

I was thinking you could do a camping/nature theme. Maybe you could go for a hike, if it is nice you could set up a tent and sleep outside. Trail mix, roasting marshmellows if you have a fireplace? Canteens to drink from "goodwill??" Just a thought. By the way...I love this idea, family fun nights and think we will instill it in a few years.

Teabo Chica said...

I love that idea of camping and nature, great idea C!
Thanks Amy, They are tons of fun!

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