Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Comming SOON: Adoption/Foster home group!
Frank and I want to invite you to our upcoming home group centered around orphan care. We will be looking at meeting twice a month/ or week (depending on peoples schedules) at our home to support and pray and help families looking into adoption in the process of adoption/Fostering. We will be learning what scripture says about adoption through Rick and Kay Warrens Orphan care initiative and then be reading books together about orphan care etc. You don't have to be adopting or fostering if you are just interested in orphan care you are more than welcome to attend.
Email us to let us know if you have intrest in gatering..right now we are just in the starting works of setting up. In between our crazy adoption life :)!

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Dave and jody said...

Wow, i would give anything to live near you! So many people are going to be blessed by this.

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