Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I write when I am angry when I am happy when I am sad and lately I have written ''hot topics'' reagarding adoption. I wrote a post regarding family members and friends with disagrement to adoption. It was a hot topic for sure. Just like a newpaper when things get written in negative light or with untruth the paper retracts them. I have deleted my words on my blog about the family and friends.
I have hurt a family member with my words, words I wrote when I was angry. Words I wrote and then had on a scheduled post. Even though my words were spoken from a bruised heart and even though my hurt to me is my reality, and the intention was for others who have the same heart ache to realize they are not alone. After reading it from the perspective of this family member, I realized there were different ways to share my hurt. To this family member and if any other family members were hurt with those words I ask your forgiveness for putting out there for people to read. Even though I never mentioned names if you are apart of that you will know who you are.
This family member has mentioned that ''I have painted a negative picture of my family''. For this I am deeply sorry. Also I would like to give a positive note that I mentioned on my previous hot topic post. We are hugely blessed that our family everyone member everyone has treated Ruby with so much love and welcomed her into our family. I had another member of my family assure me that my Ghana kids will have the same welcome.

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Lisa said...

i love you.

asking for forgiveness is always such a humbling experience.

i love your heart.


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