Sunday, March 28, 2010


My niece *Natalie*
My sister
If you have a sister you know there is a bond between sisters. I know for mine, I cant really explain this so much but I tell Frank its almost a clone of myself in a different form. We have the ability to share each others pains and annoyances. She can tell without me even saying a word if I am hurt, sad, mad, annoyed, angry, oh and even hungry. For the last two and a half weeks she has seen me cry, scream, YES I went into a room a screamed really loud at no one just had to do it, try it sometimes it works! She has treated me to dinners, lunches, and my love language lattes ;)! We were at a coffee shop this week and I was so done with her picking up the tab I said I would be my own coffee (black to save a couple bucks) I had to go to the rest room and asked her to hold my cup when I came back she said the cup fell on the floor and the Batista is making me a new mocha, I just knew she dumped out that coffee and payed for a mocha for me.
She is two years younger than myself and has one little girl that she names after ME! Since we were little we annoyed each other more her to me (HA!) and she wanted to follow whatever I did. We were four years apart at school, I skipped a grade and she had to do one over. Other than that, we had been through some painful pasts together and have seen things children should not at that age. We were bonded.

She came here so I can relax on my trip and not feel stressed while Frank and I were gone. I always feel so bad leaving my kids with anyone else because I don't want to stress them out either. My sister she will get stressed but for some reason I can handle that. Through these weeks, she has taken my boys out of the house so I can just pray, she has treated me out when she knew I needed a day. I don't even need to ask her, she just feels it. Awesome right?!

This trip there was something different. I felt a bond deeper and stronger than I have ever felt in my adult life. God used her to be my support, hold my head above water hold my arms when I could not. She leaves Tuesday and I hate it! My kids will too, she buys them stuff all the time. She even buys my kids Frapps from Starbucks that's a big deal for them, takes them to Chucky Cheese, buys toys. I know spoils them!

She tears up when she speaks of her niece and nephew she doesn't know yet, and it melts me that I don't have her here. Sharl, I am determined to make it work. We have to raise our babies together your one and my 5! I am working on it !!

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Lindsey said...

sisters are a true gift.

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!