Thursday, March 25, 2010

Choosen becuase I am stubborn ;)!

God choose this family to be stuck in the politics. Why because I am stubborn because I WONT give up. Becuase I wont shut up, becuase I am an advocate for my children and the kids left behind.
This morning I woke up determined that I would fly to Ghana and appear before Social Welfare's to plead my case. It makes sense, I just need to be there and my children need me! I was going to buy a ticket for tomorrow night be there by Monday and take this head on! I phoned my besties asked them to pray and I left a message for Anita my coordinator. When I called the embassy in DC to make sure they were sending out my visa so I can have it tomorrow before the flight. The said they never issued me a visa to fly out. WHAT THE FREAK?? I sent it on Thursday overnight to get to the embassy on Friday they would work on it all of Friday and maybe Monday I should have it by Tuesday. I called yesterday to check and they said it would be in the mail yesterday and I should get it TODAY! Nope. So I called and they said that I was 10 dollars short they are sending everything back to me??! WHAT..I tripled checked like everything. THREE OF FOUR TIMES. Then my bestie called me to tell me she didn't have a peace about me going yet. And Anita said the same darn thing.
Do you see something here, regardless of what these women would have told me I was going to go, I made my mind up. Did I pray about it. Um..well I prayed he would close the door if I was not going to go. Dang it! He knows me so well.
Communication is open between us and the embassy and I fully trust them so I now they are doing everything on their side to allow us to get the children's visas. I still can not give full details about us, but never in a gazillion years would I think we would be right here in this spot. I do feel God using us In a Mighty way.
I have to say I feel the prayers of the saints on our behalf, I do! I also sense all the love from those of you that have called me and have contacted me through facebook to let me know that we are covered in prayers. It has meant to world to us that you are on your knees for our children.


A. Gillispie said...

Yes ma'am. You are stubborn, and that's good!!!! I'm so glad that the Lord made it abundantly clear that the answer was "not yet." And I'm glad that I happened to agree with Him this time! LOL!

Salzwedel Family said...

Standing with you in prayer sister!

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!