Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Paying for an international adoption is no small task. It can be very costly. It can intimidate many people against opening up their home because of cost alone. Its not that you are ''buying'' children there are many experts involved with the decision to have an orphan in your home, tons of legalities, paperwork, country fees, agency fees, and travel that makes the total end line look impossible. However some of these very people that make excuses of why they can not afford adoption are the same ones that do huge remodels, drive extremely expensive car and drink at Starbucks every day! These things are fine, if you work hard for the money you have and learn to give then you are fine. If you hold onto the excuse of adoption (or giving to Gods ministry somewhere) costing to much for you but you would have no problem signing the dotted line for that new SUV, you gotta examine your heart, harsh...sorry!. If you don't fit that bill because you can't afford those luxuries such as myself then you are left with the question ''how can I afford this?''

This indeed was how we starting this journey. Our budget was tight, we had tons of emergencies that we did not have cash for over the last couple of years and so our mistake has cost us a budget that can easily take two more mouths a VERY tight one. Enough for me to say this is not the right time, more than 100 times. Do I recommend beginning an adoption in the same situation we are in...NO! Unless you know that you know that you know that you know God has asked you to step out NOW. .

You can read our previous post to read the struggles we have had in knowing if this is the right time especially now.

God has told us that He will provide all our needs in this time. We have had plenty of hiccups in the road. We have had finical hardships right around the milestone of a large bill due to the agency. Some adoption agencies require payments through the duration. First ours was 3,600 which God provided in 24 hours! The all go in Big lump sums, and then I remember the final 10,000 payment. Our van had broken down on the freeway and we had some unexpected bills arise at the same time. We crunched every penny we could leaving us with very little food budget, I am talking beans and rice here people. We didn't ask anyone for anything in this time and were amazed how God provided literally food and goods at our door step. Through our church family, through friends that we just meet, through older friends that have been in our lives for years. Even through strangers. On Christmas Eve there were 4 LARGE boxes, 4 fill to the top boxes . From toilet paper to Laundry soap. There was even gifts for our kids. Amazing right!

I have taken pictures each time so I don't forget His goodness. When our friends go through a rough spot I pray that I would have the urging that they did to come to the help.

Then after that tight spot, and adoption payment another tight spot would come and God again would provide through my husbands' job, or some other huge check in the mail. No kidding its been amazing to have our kids witness the Faithfullness.

The most delightful part is that He has provided us with some sweet friends to have during this journey, plenty of sweet friends. My girl Jenni, has been one of my cheerleaders since day one. She is traveling with me to get my kids. She is having her mother fly to Washington to watch her kids so she can travel with me. I went to her house the other day and she showed me what she had bought my kids she calls her "nephew" and "niece" backpacks and goodies so when she meets them. She will be the first family member out side of our immediate family to get to know them. Is she not awesome?!She has seen God work in our family and loves us for it. Who can provide such a friend that's closer than a brother or sister :)?

Its so easy to focus on the negative in this journey or the lack of support from just a small few that's just the minority. However we have been blessed beyond measure. No one can deny this is His hand in our lives due to this provision that he has provided in such amazing ways.

Our children are learning to rely on God for big and small things. They can learn that through a verse or a story at church but how can they really learn this specifically unless they are in the midst of seeing it happen right before their very eyes?

THIS JUST IN: I took a break from the computer to go make lunch and pick up my son from school and I have a friend who came be. These are one of these friends that just a smile brightens up the foulest mood. Know what kind I am speaking about? I love her dearly and adore her family and compassionate heart. She has been a blessing to me. She came by to bring me a card and an encouragement to me. Her encouraging words were this ''Nat you have a way of making others feel convicted with your life!'' Doesn't sound so good? She was meaning that It can be sometimes hard to be around me because I can be convicting to people at times. I take it as a compliment, and I am a HUGELY honored by those words. She left me with a note. That I waited for her to leave before I opened it, I am so bashful about people saying nice things to me ;). There was a check for a big amount, I am humbled and really beyond words again with His provision. In the note its says 'Its not for us, its from Him''. Seriously Jesus you blow me away!

Same friend gave me a lecture (with all the love) about how we are like missionaries. We are not moving to Africa but we are bringing some of Ghana and Ethiopia here, and we should not feel ashamed to receive or ask (I still have a hard time with both parts!) I am going to share embarrassingly the amount probably needed to travel. Everything else is covered. GULP..... $3600
This is so funny because its the amount we needed to begin our journey and God is promising to see this journey through so, I am going to watch Him be God Again!


The Tulloss Family said...

I can't wait to hear how He comes through for you guys. I think of two scriptures:
Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.
Philippians 1:6 being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

Praising God for you!

Erin McCoy said...


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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!