Thursday, February 11, 2010

How an Oops became an answered prayer.

This is my studly man. He truly brings such warmth to my heart, this guy is the cats meow. He brings me coffee in the mornings, he kisses my forehead if I am asleep, he does laundry, we have been married for 12 years and have been through devastation and great joys along with trails.
Our semi-last step for our adoption process we are to file an I600 from USCIS. Most families make two trips one to file and then the next a little while later to pick up their children. As awesome as this stud is we had one thing we didn't agree on but I had to respect. He had no desire to go to Ghana with me to pick the kids up. I should rephrase that, his desire was to stay home with the kids he wants to make transition easier on them. I understood him fully but was heartbroken that I would not meet the kids first with my life partner. Then I realized that it would be okay because he would just go file and I would go pick up and life would be good.
Then he decided that filing here would be the best so we don't have to spend the extra $2000 to fly file and fly back. Again I love this man and he had a good point, my heart was breaking though, I really wanted at least for the kids to see that their daddy knows where they are from.
So when it came time to file here in Texas unknown of how long it would take, very nervous. I prepared the paper work at the end of January and asked him to sign the paper work before putting into the envelope as well as ship it overnight.
Two weeks later to the day what shows up at our door? A big envelope with all our paperwork back and a denial, someone forgot to sign the dotted line! Plus gotta love USCIS for this they sent the Manila envelope he used to ship back also. I noticed the stamp on it said $1.90. You know it don't cost $1.90 for overnight shipping..okay! So, imagine my eyes when I showed him, they were full with tears. I felt kicked in the stomach. We have to send it again and wait again for again the unknown.
Then he said something that I wanted to jump across the table and kiss him for. He said ''we can send it OVERNIGHT ;) orrrrrr I can just Fly to Ghana and file myself!"
Fly to Ghana? What....Natalie calm down...lets even see if its possible.
I called Anita our AAI Ghana coordinator who said this is exactly why she thinks families should just go. There at the USCIS office if they say no signature they would have us sign before we left the office.
As much as my heart was for him to go, I knew that this would be a huge undertaking on finances and we could not afford it. Frank my sweet husband had a resource he felt that he should use and so he have the money at least for two tickets.
He said he would leave it to me and guess what I said ''I need you to decide, and I will be fine with which ever!''
One full day and we had no idea. The next morning I called Anita again, and when she said this I knew what we had to do. She said ''Do what you wont regret down the road."
I would always regret for the kids that dad doesn't know where they came from. Doesn't know what it smelt like, what the bed they laid their heads and offered sweet prayers for a family looked like. It was important for me because I knew it would be from them. So, I shared this with him. And then all of a sudden all doors were open and moving fast! So fast I didn't even realize that God had answered my hearts desire with this oops! Our son will be joining him also.
In three days they have gotten yellow fever shots, gotten passports, placed hold on tickets and have an appointment to the embassy.
Our son is simply delighted that he gets to share this with his daddy. He was going to go with me, and I know I would do fine, but I was so worried for the balance of how it would look. He can't even sleep he is in for a big ride and I cant wait to see what God shows him through this trip as well as how He will see God in Africa.
Its nerve wrecking because we have exhausted ALL resources for this. So, we are again at His feet asking for him to see it through till the end. Waiting and watching him be God is rocking my world and I LOVE IT!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

I think that is AWESOME!!!!!!! Praying for the resources you need to continue! It will be ok because God owns it all anyway!

Murphy Momma said...

Praise God for this opportunity and for your submission to your husband. This is such a rare thing in 2010 but what glory it brings to God AND what trust your husband has in you AND what a strong way for both of you to see God's hand (instead of yours) in the details. YOU GO GIRL!

Proverbs31Wife said...

What an incredible story. Loved reading it.

=) Shauna

Timandem said...

AWESOME!!! What a super life of faith you guys lead!! You let God show off how Big He is!!

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!