Thursday, February 25, 2010

Franks first meeting of the new Teabos

Franks trip to Ghana was a very fast one. Enough to meet the children hang out for two days make it to the embassy and back on the plane. He shared the first meeting like this.J and I had woke up super early after a toss and turn night at the hotel near the home. It was super hot. We had the air condition on in our hotel room and when we turned it off and stepped foot outside the hotel we felt drenched! I was nervous to meet the kids, I didn't know what to expect but I didn't want to expect much either. J was very sure of himself as he walked the foreign streets like he had walked the same path a million times before. Wise soul.
We walked into the gate. And out of a bunch of children playing in the playground came running as fast as they could my kids. G and E. They gave me a super big hug and big smiles. E my 4 year old son was wanting to me hold him almost immediate. He was wanting to hold my back back and was all about me and J. G my 8 year old daughter was all smiles yet she was reserved and shy. She just studied me from a distance and I was okay with that. We were brought in to play with the other children. The temperature rising with the day and the humidity heavy. I played the all the kids at the orphanage and J had taken the crowd over with passing out candy. Then he invented a tag game they kids spent a long time playing together.

Then the bell rang for school the school and all the older children ran to a room that looks like an open car port. Cement floors and wooden tables, the children sat right up and we ready and attentive. I asked if I could watch them do school, I knew Natalie would want me to record it ;). I am proud to report that G can write in very nice hand writing and in English. She also knows the alphabet and her colors and numbers. It was so nice to sit back and she knew I was right there. Well I was the strange Obruni (white man) with two cameras. After school was dismissed G came up to me and said in a small voice ''I see your room daddy?'' I asked if it was okay to talk the kids for a walk to show them our hotel room, we got permission to go. G instantly grabbed by bag, she did not want me to carry anything. She would point at my pack and so ''No..I carry!''

The other thing I noticed about her was that she was a huge helper to everyone. She would clean up like a little lady and help out with the smaller ones. I think Nat will really Love her!

This is where the kids lay their head at night. Can't wait to get them home.
This is G on day two. She has asked me to hold my hand, she has giggle with me and has sang to me and look at her face. Just look.
Now this little guy cracks me up. He is rough and tough if you know my 6 year old son you would know that he is as graceful as a Rhino (I know bad way to describe it, but you get the picture) He is the Ghanaian version of my 6 year old son. Trips over his two feet, and has a problem with the word NO. A BIG ONE. He has had two tantrums that have lasted 40 minutes each...poor Nat! The first night I took him back to the orphanage, we wailed. I mean there was his Auntie (staff member and special care giver) that had to come pry him off me. He sobbed, and it crushed me.

There you have it Franks days in Ghana. I adore my guy. Seriously ladies what more in life could you want than a hunk that would take children in, not biological, for the sake of Loving Jesus! For all you men that have ''MAN UP'' to protect the orphan, to love them to support those that do, I applaud you. Ladies go give em a big fat kiss...don't say its from me ;)


Erin McCoy said...

yeah!!!!! :)

"Indescribable" said...

Your kids are so lucky - they've begun the bonding in person!!!!! Not to many actually have that opportunity.

When do they get to come home! I have tears of joy for your family.

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