Thursday, January 21, 2010

Haiti on my mind-Orphans

My heart just aches this week, with the aftermath of the earthquake that hit Haiti last Tuesday January 13th. With the amount of people left with no food, no home, no children, no mother and no fathers. I watch the news and I am sicked with a helpless feeling. We have been praying hard and effortlessly for the children that have been in the process of being adopted and have not had the chance to be picked up by family as yet.
All this media and awareness has brought a huge spotlight on orphans and our responsibility to care for them. I have had a few emails from people asking how they can adopt from Haiti, I have shared with them that its not a possibility right now, but if there is a reason that you have been moved to this perhaps start praying about orphans anywhere else. Or wait to see and it will take a while to reopen the doors to Haitian adoptions. There is a HUGE need for parents HUGE. Its been amazing to have discussions with people about adoption, Gods moving hearts.

I want you to know, you reading this right now, if you have not thought about adoption, if you think this is just for us and the craziness or for the rich. THINK AGAIN, No Pray. Pray, that God would open your heart to some kind of orphan care, somewhere. God has asked us (not some) ALL OF US to speak for those who have no voice! This is me being a voice, PRAY! Please.

If you ever want to talk about it, I am willing to chat with you about it and point you in the right direction. We have tons of children needing homes in the US as well. Here in Washington state there are needing families who will foster newborns. So, just sayin!
If you think I am a big mouth, I hope I am for the sake of a child or two. When you look into the eyes of a child that has lost everything and offer hope there is no going back to being the same old.


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

PRAYING that others hearts will be broken open for Christ!!!!!!

handfull of johnsons said...

Thank you Natalie. Thank you for always being a voice for the orphans. I am so proud to be your friend! I am so frustrated, still waiting for mine, but I find great hope in your last sentence..."when you look into the eyes of a child who has lost everything and offer them hope, you will never be the same." I can't wait. I love you!

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!