Thursday, November 12, 2009

All around great couple of weeks

You ever have a week that's just plain terrible nothing good happens that week and so you are searching to find the sun through the clouds extra harder? These two weeks have been so amazing, I am guarding for the bad like looking for the black cat, cause maybe its to good.
So here are a few awesomeness from the week last week:
1. Got a call from our kids in Ghana! You read that right! My friend Darren who I meet his family through face book was on a trip to Ghana working with orphanages and trying to involve churches to foster care, great things. He told me he would be visiting the kids house in Accra. Then on Wednesday at 4:30 am he called because he was right next to them and but them on the phone.
I remember my heart stopping when I heard my friend say ''They are calling you Mom and Dad!''
Then I hear this little voice ''Ello mammi ello daddy, God Bless you, I love you mammi daddy'' this was both their voices to us. We didn't say much to them we knew it was fast and we had to get off really soon.
2. Got pictures from our kids opening the welcome bags we sent them with our T-shirts.
Priceless look on there faces, pure bliss! This was the day they told them there wait for a family is over.
3. Got a nice card in the mail with a donation for our adoption. This is huge to me, because I know how hard it is now a days to give financially but this family gave in faith and we are so blow away by that.
4. We got a confirmed that my husbands adoption fund for work will not change so that means that more than half our adoption expenses that mean we only need to raise about 4,500-5,000 for travel that's all!! Okay that's not at all including the cost of the kids rooms and wardrobe but Good will baby! The adoption fund at his work was something we were concerned with because we didn't know if they would change things for the following year because they are changing many benefits so we were so scared this was going to affect our adoption. They way it works is we have to spend it first and then when the adoption is final they we submit documents and wait.
5. We got our kids passports normally this can slow down the Ghana adoption process by months two families I know have had to wait from February or March till October for passports. So this is HUGE!
6. I got to win something huge. I never win anything! A friend tipped me off on this amazing photographer and I was just captured so much by her writing and her images that I read her photography blog up and down and sideways :). I noticed she and her husband put on conferences around the states to help women find there confidence behind the lens I read all about the conference and decided I want to go, I have to! Then I added it the cart, but noticed the price tag (so worth it!) however I could not fork out the money at this time at all. Bummed, I kept reading and one day I saw a post on her blog about nominating a mom running on empty and this mom could go for FREE to the conference. Hmm..ME! I will nominate myself its a long shot. Many of you wrote very touching things about me as well. And I WON! I get to go this weekend and partake in a teaching conference with other wonderful photographers and get to meet MeRa herself. I cant even wait!! The best part we get to do real live photoshoots, WAhOO!

Monday, November 2, 2009

New venture

I am excited to announce my new venture on my new found love, photography. I have practiced and attended classes and now I am ready to put my camera to good use. If you are in the Olympia area look at my photography blog I would love to capture your family being you!
We are calling it Ruby Love photography (go figure!)
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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!