Friday, October 30, 2009

Teabo Trouble and Terrific things too

Seems like life happens so fast I hardly get a chance to document the terrible and terrific things so here are a few from our week....Terrible: Our little stinker six year old rode in an ambulance with me, after slicing his finger pretty bad. He had snuck knife from my cutting board to cut a tree. Yes we have told him 100xs do not play with knife you will take your finger off....this is my kid that just has to learn the very hard way!
Terrific: Ruby and I baked our first loaf of bread. This is huge for me I spend so many hours in my grandmothers kitchen and wanted girls to help this way to. Its silly but I love it!

Terrific: My son reads a book a day. I have to shrug his shoulders to get him out of book world to come eat. This was in his back back the other day yes...all of it!

Terrific:We sent out our packages to our Ghanaian kids. They packages well let them know they have a family waiting for them. They will be hand delivered next week, then they will know.

Terrific: We lost two teeth in the same week. Love the toothless grins!


Em said...

What a great family you are! So happy for your newest children to be able to be a part of your loving home! And your hair looks really cool that color!

Heckert's Highway said...

Love, love, love the shirts!!!!! They are so precious. I really hope someone snaps a picture of the kids faces when the get them. Better yet, maybe they will be able to video the whole thing!!! Oh I can't wait for you to bring them home:O)

Murphy Momma said...

These are the most precious T-shirts!!! Elijah loved having a T-shirt made just for him in Eth.and still treasures it (though it is too small now). I am so excited for you guys (maybe a little bit jealous too!) Praise God!

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!