Friday, October 9, 2009

God and His Perfect Timing!!

Reading a post I wrote back in February of 2008 its amazing to see where God has taken us from that still small whisper to a loud beckoning to where we are right now. With our first few steps of obedience, He has brought us to Africa again and again. I look back at that time frame when there was that nudging that we are not done if Africa. February 2008 ,where were the kids lives at this time G (our now 7 year old from Ghana) just turned 5 in that month and E (new son who is now 3) was just turned a year. God had already been at work in a heart seas away that would one day learn about them.
I sit here and think...I could have pushed that desire or yearning out of my life. Because I was a busy mom (HELLO I AM A BUSY MOM!) I could have said let the missionaries take care of this, my husband could have sent me to fly a kite. There were time trust me I thought I had gone insane! At that moment we didn't know God would grow our family by two more, we just knew He wanted us to still be praying for Africa and for me to be involved with something somewhere.

That yearning lead me to a trip in December of 2008 to South Africa, our kids were already at E House the orphanage. The trip to Africa lead me to an open heart to adoption outside of Ethiopia. We started looking at other countries that lead us to Rwanda, Rwanda lead us to the possibilities of siblings when we were praying about a sibling set of three girls that fell big time through the cracks. That lead us to Ghana that lead us to the kids we will have joining the family.
Why didn't God just say ''HELLO YOUR KIDS ARE IN GHANA?" Why all the chess moves as I like to call it. Why the side roads and not the straight path?
The same day I started looking at photos of the kids in E house Ghana (August 6)I happened to see this little chubby cheeked face child that I acquired about and Anita the Ghana Coordinator for AAI said Oh they became available today! They? Then she began to tell me a little bit about his older sister. I did not want to even get my heart out there again to fall in love with kids that would not be mine...not thanks not again!
As I look back at the kids that I thought were ours Themba from South Africa, the loli-pop girls from Rwanda, I see God had me praying for them because He has other plans for them and I was a mothers heart pouring out prayers for them fervently when maybe no one else was or maybe not as mothers heart.
Why the kids just became available that same day I found that sweet face and they were there for a while, I don't know I am just amazed at God and His timing.
The kids had been placed on the waiting kids list because the other parents waiting on referrals the ages did not fit well for thier family. We could not place a ''hold'' on them until our home study was written and approved, it was a nice short wait ;)! But I had peace, that God knew and He would grow my heart fonder of these children, He so did!

Is it just me or does this just knock your sock off! It sure does me! I LOVE YOU JESUS!!


Brian and Autumn said...

So excited for you guys Natalie! I have been LOVING reading about this new journey!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

WOW that is amazing and in God's timing even though we sometimes don't see it at the time! Praying for provision and your new babes :) So precious!

Erin McCoy said...

girl, you are such an encouragment! :)

The Tulloss Family said...

I love seeing how God works - and yes, it knocks my socks off! I love you.

Cornwall -> Ethiopia said...

Where have I been? Oh my goodness - I am SOOOOO thrilled for you guys!! Congratulations on your newest precious children. I'll be praying for your journey!!!

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