Friday, October 2, 2009

2 boys Birthdays 9 and 6

Our boys turned 6 and 9 last year. Time is going oh much to fast! My nine year old is such a brilliant kid. He is the one pictured above in the yellow. He is our future business owner he says its in his mind constantly how we can see something and wonder how much people will pay for it.
Its really interesting to see his mind work up some ideas last week he made a candy stand and sold 9 dollar worth of candy with the neighbor kids, he was at a 3 dollar loss so we chatted about gains and losses, great lesson.

My six year old is a story teller, I don't think I got the right story yet of how school has been so far. He makes up very interesting stories such as on the first day of school he said his principal spanked him so much he got ringworm and they took the kindergartners on a field trip to Fort Lewis to teach them about bazookas. Today he saved his whole class from a fire. Yet there was no call from the teacher to report such a trauma!

Loves these boys!

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