Saturday, August 22, 2009

Help us Help them!

If you are reading this blog for the first time WELCOME To the Tribe! We have a journey behind us and one set before us. We have our application with our contracts at hand for our Ghana adoption. We have no money to send in its not so funny but as I write I have no choice but to laugh at myself. What on earth Nat?!
There are so many things riding on the hand of God right now. Our house if it will sell or not. Our adoption if it will happen or not. When we went to adopt Ruby we had the most of the money upfront in our savings so even though the last pennies we had to search (pray for!) for travel and we traveled in the wrong time (Ethiopian New Year) so our tickets were a whooping 6000+ ouchie! It still was not so much of a faith walk as it is right now. SERIOUSLY.

This is my conversation with God "Lord remove this heart from me if you don't want this for us right now, Help me to just have a peace about not moving forward!'' or " Drop all the $ in my lap so I know to go forward :)!'' The last step we took we didn't get any of those prayers answered we moved forward and then we got peace. The money didn't come from the sky on my lap however my hubbs got extra hours and we were able to pay the application fees ;0!

Or this one " If we went through the foster system here in our state we would have to not pay anything at all!!'' Why the heck not?! WHY AFRICA...cant we just do it here?! If that was the case I would have done it a while back, but thats not where our kids are.

Another conversation "Lord No more images of lonely African children in my mind, NO MORE tears down my face as I almost hear them asking for a family. Don't break me anymore unless you are willing to help me help them...or callous me so that I don't even shed a tear at the image of where our Ruby would be right now if her family didn't choose to bring her to the orphanage to where our family was chosen for her!''
Seriously this is my prayer and ask if it has worked?! NO FLIPPING WAY! I WISH. I go to bed at night begging that I can be normal and not worry about orphans that it would just be something that I pray about every now and then and not something that shakes me to my core when I pray. I realize that this is not me that the heart I have has been given to me because I have asked for the heart of Jesus. I ask that he would break me with the things that break him. HELLO WHAT WAS I THINKING :)! now right now at this time. We are waiting for a miracle to move forward because the other prayer about removing it from us has not worked. What are the needs specifically here it is for the moment.

$1400 for home study fees
$2200 for agency fees = $3600 ( that's all for a Father who owns the cattle on a thousand hills!)

I am leaving a Pay Pal button just in case you have some kinda of warm fuzzys when you read what I am saying. If you have the what this woman is crazy feeling pray about that too ;)! Becuase I tell you if I am crazy I want to be crazy in Love with my Christ!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Praying for you all as you seek God's will!!!!!

Belleme said...

Found you! God definately asks us to do things that don't seem to make sense (or cents!)... But His heart aches for orphans to have families! That's what matters to Him! We'll be praying for The Teabo Tribe and watching for updates!

Erica said...

Your not crazy. Your a Jesus Lover, an obedient daughter of the King of Kings, you are crazy in love with the author and finisher of our faith, you are a mama on a mission to bring HIS children home for you to love and care for. Your not crazy. I get your crazy heart. Every word you wrote could have been me writing. Love ya sister. Praying that EVERY penny and more is provided!

Jason Egly said...



Heckert's Highway said...

Amen Nat!!! There is nothing better than doing what God calls us to do, no matter how crazy it is. I wouldn't want it any other way. When we give Him our lives, they will become anything but ordinary!!! Praise God, you've surrendered, because life would be terribly boring without Him:O) I love you my friend!!! ~Jenn

Meli_Mama said...

I have chills and tears as I read your post. I am friends with Erica Shubin in case you are wondering how I came across your blog.

Father God thank you so much for this family's heart and their willingness to follow You. I pray for a sense of peace and joy as they go through this process. Let the glory be yours. Amen

Love in Christ,

Melissa Meacham

E.T.'s Mom said...

Hi, a friend showed me your blog as encouragement because we are on a similar journey with God. Although our adoption hopes are impossible with human wisdom, we are passionatly in love with a God who is passionate about orphans. I don't know how it's going to happen, but God is busy placing the lonely in families and caring for the orphans, and so we wait for Him to bring our children home, as well.

Praise the Lord for your heart of faith!

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!