Tuesday, August 25, 2009

3603.37 all in by this morning!

Not bad for my Jesus, ey?
Our goal has been meet and its growing...how awesome is that. Any extras of course goes right to the adoption expenses but we just had out first goal to continue. Now we can!! WAHOOOO!
I have been contacted by so many families in the same boat. They want to adopt they want to with all there little hearts but no money. I need to tell you if you are in this boat, jump! Sometimes God wants to see your faith when you don't have what it takes. How can I get the Glory for this one? I cant!
Okay here is another resource for a friend I just meet yesterday I can tell his heart is all about Orphan care and adoption, Rob and his wife Emily have a coffee roasting company called Just Love Coffee Roasters and have an adoption program that helps by setting an online store for you to share with others to buy coffee every bag someone buys $5 bucks goes into an adoption account! That EASY! Just imagine you sell 100 bags of coffee you get $500!!
I am humbled by this I hate asking people for money. HATE it. But I didn't have becuase I didn't ask.
Gotta put a little plug for our foster system too people I you feel lead there...its free ;)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Almost at the goal...almost !

As I sit here waiting for the clock to strike midnight I am in awe of how Gods spirit can move peoples hearts for Orphans and for them to be united with a family even if you don't know us! Friends have facebooked/twitted all day and most of you that have done this are just facebook friends with a common goal and heart I have never shook your hands before.
Here is where our goal started out at this morning 3600
this is where we sit right now......$3084.62 ohhh so close! Let see if it happens?

Who are the Teabo Tribe?

Welcome Facebook and Twitter fans!
We are a family of three one little girl who joined us through the awesome gift of Adoption from Ethiopia two years ago. We are crazy in Love with Gods command on taking care of the Orphans so much so we are wanting to do it all over again.

Our Needs are right now for $3600 this covers the first fees of a home study and agency fees.

You can read more about our journey if you scroll down. We are not a special family by any means we are your common middle class family that lives very modest lives. We do know that God has placed this on our hearts and believe that when He calls He also provides!

If you feel lead push the Donate Button on the right we would love to share this journey with you!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Help us Help them!

If you are reading this blog for the first time WELCOME To the Tribe! We have a journey behind us and one set before us. We have our application with our contracts at hand for our Ghana adoption. We have no money to send in its not so funny but as I write I have no choice but to laugh at myself. What on earth Nat?!
There are so many things riding on the hand of God right now. Our house if it will sell or not. Our adoption if it will happen or not. When we went to adopt Ruby we had the most of the money upfront in our savings so even though the last pennies we had to search (pray for!) for travel and we traveled in the wrong time (Ethiopian New Year) so our tickets were a whooping 6000+ ouchie! It still was not so much of a faith walk as it is right now. SERIOUSLY.

This is my conversation with God "Lord remove this heart from me if you don't want this for us right now, Help me to just have a peace about not moving forward!'' or " Drop all the $ in my lap so I know to go forward :)!'' The last step we took we didn't get any of those prayers answered we moved forward and then we got peace. The money didn't come from the sky on my lap however my hubbs got extra hours and we were able to pay the application fees ;0!

Or this one " If we went through the foster system here in our state we would have to not pay anything at all!!'' Why the heck not?! WHY AFRICA...cant we just do it here?! If that was the case I would have done it a while back, but thats not where our kids are.

Another conversation "Lord No more images of lonely African children in my mind, NO MORE tears down my face as I almost hear them asking for a family. Don't break me anymore unless you are willing to help me help them...or callous me so that I don't even shed a tear at the image of where our Ruby would be right now if her family didn't choose to bring her to the orphanage to where our family was chosen for her!''
Seriously this is my prayer and ask if it has worked?! NO FLIPPING WAY! I WISH. I go to bed at night begging that I can be normal and not worry about orphans that it would just be something that I pray about every now and then and not something that shakes me to my core when I pray. I realize that this is not me that the heart I have has been given to me because I have asked for the heart of Jesus. I ask that he would break me with the things that break him. HELLO WHAT WAS I THINKING :)!

Ok....so now right now at this time. We are waiting for a miracle to move forward because the other prayer about removing it from us has not worked. What are the needs specifically here it is for the moment.

$1400 for home study fees
$2200 for agency fees = $3600 ( that's all for a Father who owns the cattle on a thousand hills!)

I am leaving a Pay Pal button just in case you have some kinda of warm fuzzys when you read what I am saying. If you have the what this woman is crazy feeling pray about that too ;)! Becuase I tell you if I am crazy I want to be crazy in Love with my Christ!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Three years ago....

Three years ago on this very day our 3 month old Hudson Sawyer went in for the surgery that would allow him to come home. The surgery was a procedure done dozens a day allowing a tube to go into the intestines to allow food to go into his body. We were trained by the nurses to do his full care, and had hired full staff nurses around the clock for our home. 24 hours then it would taper down to where hubbs or I would take over a shift. We didn't have time to grief what wasn't we just knew we loved this child and were going to do whatever it took to take care of him.
The surgery went well and we were told to go home to get rest.
Children's hospital is about 1.15 minutes or believe it or not I had it at 55 minutes a few times (yes speeding :) so when we went home it was for a few days. Hudson was in the ICU so this meant around the clock care we were safe.
We checked on him a few times before we went to bed as we always did. The next day he was doing fine. At about 9:30 in the evening we got a phone call from a surgeon that told us Hudson has turned for the worse. He was very sick the surgery to put in his feeding tube ended up puncturing a hole in his intestine and allowing fluid to saturate his little organs. I remember this call because I went into my closet to weep, after I heard ""Mr.s Teabo your son may not make this....he is very sick!'' Sure I had heard that your ''Fetus'' may not make it to full term. Your baby may be still born. He may not make it a few hours, he may not make it a few days...etc. He had beat the odds. Whats one more!
We battled 5 days with him and we knew his body could not take it anymore and on the 21st at 9:32 our son was welcomed by the angels and our Christ.
Grieving is never over. Its a process we will continue through life. We will never stop being sad for our sweet loss. There are most defiantly times that it hits us in ways that it feels so present as if were right there back three years ago. This week its been this way for us. Its not something that we just have to do and then let go. I am not sure if you ever do let go but just allow The Healer to comfort you in those times. Those days that a certain smell can take you right back there. The color of the walls in Ruby room remind me of the times I layed on the carpet and wept and begged for healing. The smell of hand sanitizer right there for me. When I look at my wedding ring I remember how small his hand was.
Thank you to all of our sweet friends who encompassed us with love beyond words. When I think back to those days and remember you I feel so loved.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pandemic: The Gospel Unleashed

This past weekend I attended a starting church in Mill Creek called Journey with my friend Suzi.
I went in the middle of a series the pastor was sharing with the church the series called: Pandemic: The Gospel Unleashed. I have been thinking about this tittle for some time now. What does that mean to unleash the gospel? To have no limits on our faith, no Jesus in a box, no agenda and plans of our own and unleash the full gospel of Christ. The spirit of God can not be held back, God will and does move where He wants. However I do feel as believers we can hinder that by our own fear by our own plans.
What would it look like though if we strived to unleash? To say God move in me whatever however you want. Should we be scared by our faith walk...yes! The Holy spirit in me can not sit quiet and idle by while every fiber in me wants to be scared for Jesus!
Then how come so often the church of Christ wants to sit in comfort, sit in status quo status and make sure all the right forms are filled out or things are talked about before prayed about? What are we afraid of????? Did you know that if you have to think about it you are not worthy of the gospel?! Thats not from my lips read it yourselfs." and anyone who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me" Matthew 10:38 Stings a bit but its the truth.
If my talk is scaring you right now ask yourselves why? What scares me( Im including myself with this one:) about Jumping with two feet for the Gospel to share the Love of Christ with the world?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

What the heck are the Teabos doing and all the hush stuff Reveald!

Here it is, all out in the open about adoptions and family business. It all started with a baby boy named Themba from South Africa that I fell in Love with while I was in South Africa. We had been looking at how possible it would be to add little man to the family. Then we got an email that crushed us, little dude is HIV+ and it was really advanced. Frank and I took a weekend to pray over this because having him here in the US would mean better health care for him etc. We still felt like God had asked us to say Yes, and that the door would have to shut if its not for us. The door was shut. I was broken! Same time our agency asked that we pray about a new program in Rwanda. Fell in love with a sibling set and we said Yes for them! We learned about the girls in March and were just waiting for all the paperwork on them to come in before we began ours. The door closed for them as well. I was a puddle on the floor with each door that closed why had these kids been put on my heart we said Yes to God in areas where we knew would be a growth for us financially and emotionally and we were certain even though struggled through the rational of all the logic!
It made no sense to me why these things were happening to our hearts and much more why He would call our family to say Yes to something so huge for us and then close the door. Was He testing our obedience, I didn't want any more testing! A couple weekends ago, we saw two boys on our agency's waiting list that Frank feel in love with and phoned our agency with the hopes that this would be the kids, three other families called in to them which is amazing. Our agency decided on another family, crushed again.
Through this whole time we had put the desire before him and begged for the feeling to be taken away if its not time. For us the timing was terrible because we are still trying to figure out how to sell our home and live with less to save for more :)! Still our home on the market ''just in case''!
During the waiting we placed out home on the market and begged for a miracle of sale or something bigger! I am happy to say our banks are looking at revising our home loan which would make living here possible with more mouth to feed.
Still the feeling of our kids waiting for us.. praying for us.... aching! We decided to call some other agencies that were working in Africa. Our heart is for all of Africa not just Ethiopia and we feel like there is so much awareness going on in Ethiopia, Praise God for this , but there are more countries also!
I have a friend who adopted through Adoption Advocates International I through the Ghana program and we spoke for a little while. I then called and spoke with the Coordinator and told her the story and that we were looking for siblings 7 and under. Awesome part, is the fees are half of what we were expecting! Amazing part is the home the kids are have mostly siblings and the great need is for parents looking for children 8 and under! That's us!!!

Should we do this thing? We both know were are suppose to. We both know God is asking us to jump with two feet and trust Him. Regardless of all the opposition Regardless of whats on paper, regardless of our fears. HERE WE ARE GOD! YES!

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!