Friday, July 3, 2009

Selling=Smaller House=NO ADOPTION?

House on the market. Adoption still on the mind. Smaller home = no adoption?
Its been a hard few weeks. Because of the fact that we both feel God calling to something Big, because of the fact that the calling does not match the income, its been rough.
Its easy for God to pay off our mortgage and we can adopt all the kids the house can hold. It would just be a simple thing for him to do!
I can hear it in my own head just because He calls you to something it doesn't mean right now, doesn't mean that in the next few months we will bring some kids home or move to Africa ;) (never say never!)
For right now we feel like God asked us to sell our home. To get our home in order, that's what we are doing. We both strongly feel that we can not go into dept for an adoption. God calls and He will provide even if its a hard thing to wait. Focus has been shifted to selling, getting right before God in dept land, and saving and giving.
For me, math is a fact of life. Equations will always leave you with a sum. Right now the equation does not match sum the heart feeling. Does this change our hearts for adoption. NO.
However with other things pressing, we are waiting for two things. God to do something so huge
sell our home, or pay it off you know whatever ;0. Or for God to ease our minds on the issue of adoption for right now and that perhaps his timing is later. I am hoping that a millionaire somewhere who is an advocate for adoption pays off our mortgage with the clause that we must adopt ;) so I dream..hehe.
Out of my diary when I was 17 waiting for a miracle to happen so I can go on a mission trip with YWAM ...Sorry I keep alot of diaries!
''.....There are only a few of us that do not have money I still need $1000 by the end of the evening to go on mission otherwise I will be sent home. There is a white board with all the names of those still needing money and mine is the largest need. Maybe God wants me to stay and not go on this mission. Or maybe He will bless my socks off and show HE is GOD! The mail has come in and the others have began to open it they have gotten some checks in the mail from supporters. Me...nothing! Randy our leader has asked everyone to gather around the piano as we sing and pray for the funds to come in he decides to take an offering but we are all missionaries so not alot of money gets wiped off the board. Mine is now down 970. The day is gone by and some names have been wiped off the board I can see some people got there $ last minute mine...not a penny less. Its 8 everyones name is off. Mine still there. I was called into the office with news I can not believe a supporter called in with all the money just for me. I said is it family or a friend. None, the man doesn't even know you. Some guy called into the YWAM base and said He felt like God ask Him to give someone $970. I am beyond in Love with My Jesus for this rescue!''

So I have seen Him do awesome things, Now I just need to wait and even if its not something that huge.... its okay. Even if He provides peace for now thats awesome too!
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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!