Saturday, June 13, 2009

When you ask God for an answer sometime its not what you want

We asked God to provide a huge miracle in our finance so that we can be open to what He wants us to do with your big path change. We were thinking like I don't know someone old lost uncle dyeing and leaving us so bucko cash ;0. We were one of those Americans that bought in to a Big house, small mortgage interest only to get us into a home we could not afford. That was close to four years ago and we have both changed so much from those silly worldly people.
We have the Fathers heart and Kingdom at heart now and so our perspective has taken a 360 indeed. Things have been tight crunching and really hard for our one income family. There are many families in this boat as we all have seen the decline in jobs. We bought our home with Franks overtimes in the budget plan, well what do you think happens with one year of no overtime and no emergency fund. Need I say more? Because of what we feel God asking us to do and where we are right at the moment there is no room to stay the same and change not even by a penny. So we began to ask what to do. We came to the cross road so No or even later to Gods plans in work, or say goodbye to our beloved home. Knowing full well its just a house!
We are selling our home, yikes! We are so nervous but feel at peace.
We have to rent a home to start our emergency fund, adoption savings, car savings and future home savings. So, it may not have been a huge miracle of God paying off my dept :) but its our first plan of attack to be more financially available to God.
Anyone know of a 4 bedroom home for rent under 1,100 :)?


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

I am sooo praying for you and your brave decision!!!! I want to say I am with you in that that is so not easy to do, and I am excited that God is leading your family to HIS will. Doesn't feel easy I am sure...know that you have other crazy people out there that totally support you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark and Kels said...

Praying for you and Frank, Natalie! I have no idea what homes rent for here in DuPont, bu there are always a ton available! You should look into it if you don't mind leaving Olympia :).

Murphy Momma said...

Hey Natalie, I love to hear your heart on the struggle to "deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Him". I have friends who did the same by selling their home, renting for a few years while getting out of debt and they are now debt FREE! Big fans of Dave Ramsey. Can't wait to see how he honors your obedience and I will pray for you guys!

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!