Thursday, May 14, 2009

My new Best thing!

The colors in this picture really make me smile
Cant help but smiling at this one too!
I love the look in her face

Frank and his Father Frank Sr.
The rooster at grandmas house
Olympia Farmers Market
3 Chicks at the market
Our dog Willie
The 2 year old curiousity

Its been a while from Blog world being a face book addict takes away all the blogging urge!
And being super busy has just a few things to do with it as well. My mothers day totally rocked!! My hubby gave me something on my birthday bucket list. I want to be a photographer and picking up my friend Kinseys' Nikon while in South Africa gave me the eagerness even more! I started saving up for one, and so was my hubby! On mothers day I got it! I LOVE IT! I see things in new light and just reach for my camera at least a dozen times a day. Here are my favorite shots and many of them have Ruby in them :) I will be taking classes and then offering my photo skills as a small business. Cant wait!! Call me if you want shots of your peps.


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

LOVE the pics! You are having fun doing something that is creative- Love it!!! You can never have enough photos!!! Enjoy your fun gift!!!

Michael said...

What kind of Nikon did you get??? I want one too!!


Lisa said...

fun new adventure my friend!

you were a VERY tough competitor on during our 'photo-offs' in SA.


Love you xoxo

Brian and Autumn said...

For Christmas my in-laws got us a D60... I love the photos it takes but I still have SO much to learn. I know I could be taking way better shots if I knew how to actually use it. What kind did you get? Any tricks you can teach me??

Aaron & Whitney Pratt (A&W) said...

amazing photos!! your family is precious! your ethiopian princess is darling!!

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