Thursday, April 16, 2009

Teabo Tuesdays: Mad Science Night

The crazy hair we didnt really have to much to Ruby and my hair its naturally mad!

The Brain ready for the oven

The lab coast were used by cutting old white t-shirts right in the middle and folding them to look like a collar. Goggles at the $ store.

The table was decorted with water vases and jars with neon food coloring and the best thing possible dry ice this was a huge sucess.

Ruby mixing mad scientist at work

Making green slime
Brain Juice (the kids love anything that looks bloody, well the boys do ;0)
My Neon yellow worms
Aidan Neon Purple Brains and worms ;0
This Tuesday we had our very Awesome Mad science night. We made tons of science projects the kids made a huge mess every where. I am so glad we took the diet coke mentos geyser outside! The projects we did came from Steve Spanglers website as well as Family Fun Magazine. My friend Tricia threw in the idea for the ''worms'' noodles and the brain that came from the noggin (my very own brain :) I will see if I can download some of the videos we made. Frank came out in very little pics this time, I complained about always being the photgrapher I guess thats what I get!


The B Family said...

Looks like fun!
Your family night ideas are always inspiring.

Mason Mama said...

Oh my gosh you are so dedicated to this your kids will remember these days FOREVER! How fun, I want to come. I have loved reasing your recent post, you should compile them and write a book! You inspire me!! God bless

Jodie Howerton said...


I don't want to ask how long it took you to clean up....

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