Friday, April 24, 2009

My besties at Best

Amanda my crazy driver and oh so pretty friend
Dena look at this cutie!
The rings!

Irish band that sung Happy Birthday
Awesome brownie cake
BFF necklaces!

I can not even express with words the depth of love I have for these girls ;). They are some true heart friends! I never wonder with these girls if what they are saying out of their mouths is really genuine I never have to wonder about there real feelings for me or have to second guess my trust level. My favorite part about them is they don't gossip!! How hard is that to find!! I am so blessed to have heart friends and these girls are right up there!
They planned with Frank to kidnap me and take me on a real birthday party. They came on 12 days after my birthday so I never suspected any of it. Frank told me on Wednesday morning to be ready to go at 6:30 at night oh yeah and this is not a date with him or by myself. That's all he told me. These girls ran inside my house with fun sunglasses and shiny rings and took me in the car. We each wore 10 rings that added up to 30! They made me wear a tiara and took me to a restaurant by the water so nice! There was an Irish band there that sung happy birthday!
They baked me a brownie cake, bought special straws to drink from and bought 30 M&Ms my favorite candy! We went to the movies in glow in the dark necklaces we watched 17 again (so cute). My favorite part, and this may be so silly but I loved giving those special necklaces to my BFFs growing up, do you remember those? Well I got one from these girlie's how special. Dena and Amanda you really bring such joy to me Thank you for this night, I love you!

Charity Water Birthday

Patrick and Dawn these sweet friends soon take off to be missionaries Patrick to China and Dawn to Turkey.
Sweet friends Lisa and Tammy

My Besties Dena and Amanda
Fawn and Brent

Friends Jenn and Emily
Frank and I hosted a Charity Water cheese and wine party for my 30th we raised $650 that will go to building wells in Ethiopia! Not bad for a few friends!
I forgot to take pictures so some of my guest left before sweet Dawn pulled out the camera. It was a fun night thank you all who were able to come being the night before Easter I loved celebration with you and thanks for listening to my heart on Charity Water. If you have never heard of Charity Water you can read about it here.

Teabo Tuesday :GO GREEN

This is where your trash goes Thurston county! The bags get tossed to the side and the stuff not in bags goes on the convier belt where workers separate trash from treasures. Then it travels all the way to Roosevelt Washington's land fill. The treasures are wood and metals and anything that can be recycled.


The metal grave yard. We say lots of bikes that looked like it can be reused.
A perfectly good washer now dented but some manufactures toss them because they can not be resold! Crazy~!
The wood gets chipped and purchased to use for energy sources.
We got a tour of the compost we have two compost in our yard that we have never know how to use, its time to put it to some good use.
Worm bin compost

This park is right at the hill of the recovery center and its not stinky ;) nice place to go with your family to learn about compost, recycling and trash.

Boys getting their dinner at the Olympia C0-OP

This Tuesday we did GO Green in light of Earth day. We asked the Thurston county trash and recovery center for a tour and they were more than willing even if it was just a us. It was fascinating to learn all about what happens to our trash when it leaves our curb side, very educational and inspirational on reusing and reducing! According to state law the landfills have to be turned back to to public after 10 years of closing. So the county built this great park right at the entrance of the recovery center. We have never been there and its very nice.
We then to the kids to the Olympia Co-Op and had a small lecture about what it means to buy local, I think by this time they crowd was starving and not much for moms talks!
We went home to work on our home-made compost that did not turn out ;(. We have to re-do!
Tuesday was our first blazing HOT day in Olympia, so the kids were wiped out after the 50 minute tour, they liked it but mentioned to me that they really like being home on our Tuesdays.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Date nights...

Lately the boys and I have had date nights on the calender, I feel like each of my kids need some special uninterrupted one on one with me, even if its just once a month! They both gleam from this special time and really just enjoy the special attention. The other night it was my son Aidan's turn. I could not find him when it was time to go and then I realized why. He was in our bathroom combing his hair and adding ''man juice'' (dads cologne) on. He came running out the door and I pretended to be doing something else. He said to me '' mom smell me don't I smell like a man, now we can go on our date!'' sweety- heart! I have a budget for our dates a whooping 5 bucks, that covers a tea for mom and hot coco and a cookie and endless book reading at Barnes and Nobles. One day the will have their own date nights with a special girl but its a long time from 30 for them ;)!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Teabo Tuesdays: Mad Science Night

The crazy hair we didnt really have to much to Ruby and my hair its naturally mad!

The Brain ready for the oven

The lab coast were used by cutting old white t-shirts right in the middle and folding them to look like a collar. Goggles at the $ store.

The table was decorted with water vases and jars with neon food coloring and the best thing possible dry ice this was a huge sucess.

Ruby mixing mad scientist at work

Making green slime
Brain Juice (the kids love anything that looks bloody, well the boys do ;0)
My Neon yellow worms
Aidan Neon Purple Brains and worms ;0
This Tuesday we had our very Awesome Mad science night. We made tons of science projects the kids made a huge mess every where. I am so glad we took the diet coke mentos geyser outside! The projects we did came from Steve Spanglers website as well as Family Fun Magazine. My friend Tricia threw in the idea for the ''worms'' noodles and the brain that came from the noggin (my very own brain :) I will see if I can download some of the videos we made. Frank came out in very little pics this time, I complained about always being the photgrapher I guess thats what I get!
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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!