Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Teabo Tuesday: Dinosaur Jurasic Night!

Dino Decor and brush from around the house! There were jelly bean eggs at the scene and then some odd reason they diapered out into the thin air!

My great investment for this night was a cast iron mold I purchased at Target it was $22 spendy :( but I used this mold for the corn bread, believe it or not for the baked macaroni, for the banana bread also, and I am sure it will have more use!
Dino Library next to of course the lava lamp! Books courtesy of the Timberland Library.

Fossil making with Plaster of Paris and clay, get the recipe here.

He is such a great reader!
Dino Egg Relay Race it was a tide well Owen won by a foot but its okay ;)

Lava Flow Drinks Delish! The recipe Here
Erupting Volcano was the hit of the night, the kids mixed and added for about 20 minutes we had a mess, but they had such fun learning about carbon dioxide actually they didn't really hear my science lecture, but I think I learned! Find the recipe here.

This was a mad dance I made up. Okay so I had a brilliant idea to split the families the A-Team vs. The Teabo Tribe in a dance off to the song "Everyone Walk the Dinosaur'' by WAS, you must remember?! Uncle Dave pooped the idea :O so we just jammed all together to it, and I made up this rad move oh yea, it was rad! That's right I am bringing that word back!

Last Activity was planned by Aidan its a game re renamed ''Dino Dino where is your egg, somebody took it from your nest". The game of the hidden egg, or chap stick.

This week we had the privilege to have the A-Team over the Andersons for our Tuesday night fiasco! What fun! We live in the same town as Franks sister and family and send our kids to the same school yet the rush of life just makes this much needed time so sweet! We heart them!
I made my boys choose a game or activity to plan and be responsible for Josiah choose reading about fossils and the relay game and Aidan was the Dino Dino game. We laughed tons and it was sweet.
Thanks A- Team for coming over and adding to a spectacular memory building night!

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