Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Teabo Tribe Tuesdays: Chef Night

With your teacher from the Teabo Tribe Chef Natalia!

Two Thumbs up for the idea!!
Lesson in session
The Restaurant Le Teabo
Look at the mess I have to clean up behind me...yahoooo!

Okay is she not the cutest chef you have even layed eyes on!

Finished product!

Lesson Two:

Surprise, what the kids didn't know is that the meals the made where for meal on wheels, we were on our way to deliver them to our sick Auntie Amy who has the yucky flu!
The Caterers/Chefs in action

Cookies yummy!

Tonight we had Chef Night. Got the idea from Jacinda's Blog. It started out fantastic. The kids made meals in little tins. They loved the idea of making it like this. We taught the boys how to measure with a measuring spoon and the measuring cup. We also taught them some very basic lunch items they love grilled cheese and how to hard boil an egg. They were fascinated that they got to use white bread and I even bought them hand cheese, you know that Kraft that lives in plastic, yucky, but it melts way better than cheddar so we used it for the lesson. They were excited to be able to fry stuff. After the dinner timer went off we surprised them and told them the dinner they just made was for their cousins and Auntie and Uncle. I had already made dinner and left it in the oven while we delivered our goods.
We then had some fun and games planned, but dad felt terribly sick and ended up in bed, so we made out cookies and watched Ratatouille the chef rat. This night was not what I had in mind. Aidan had two time outs, Ruby was getting into every thing, Aidan cried a few times, dad got sick. I have to learn to roll with the punches, and allow flexible times! All in all chef night was great!


Kelly McPherson said...

Natalie, I love this! Each of your children is SO cute in their chef hat! What a great idea to give the meal away too. I'm sure they were all so happy to have done something fun that was for someone else!

Lisa said...

what an awesome night of family fun and charity.

can you adopt me?

love you xoxoxo

Lisa said...

what an awesome night of family fun and charity.

can you adopt me?

love you xoxoxo

The Tulloss Family said...

What a fun idea - sorry it didn't turn out as good as you would have liked. Still, the memories you are building are invaluable.

The Gresham Clan said...

You are such a fantastic mom - LOVE it! I also loved your confessions of a real mom - so true for ALL of us (anyone who wants to pretend they don't do stuff like that - denial :) ). You're a stud!

Jennifer Meysenburg said...

I love it!!!! Keep them coming because I am following in your footsteps!!! Where did you get those chef hats?

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