Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Budget Mamma Part Dos

I hate to brag but really I must! I am really cutting back on our budget and its been a challenge yet very rewarding! I would shop for Seventh Generation Diapers and wipes only and organic hair products and so on, until my hubby showed me the final line on where the economy has taken us and well what we have done to ourselves also. So wanted to share that the picture with the diapers cost me a total of $10.40 cents (Walgreen's) then the products with the applesauce cost me $ 3.15 (Target) serious!! I get all my deal finding at the website called money saving mom.
The break down Target:
1.69 original for the applesauce I printed out a coupon (cp) from here and then some from here that's 1.55 cents in coupons that you can stack because one is a store and one is from the manufacture making the applesauce .14!!!
2.00 for the Mens Gillete body wash on sale this week. I used a $2 off cp from the Sunday paper making it free! I had three cps so I got 3 for free!
The Johnson and Johnson was free also and the Febreeze was .50 cents. The razor was .99 cents

Walgreen's :Diapers were 3.00!! Look at the blog for the write up on the diapers! One day I will be able to use my favorite products and there are some things I wont compromise but free is awesome! Plus I get another rebate on the diaper and wipes 75cents each from this website so total for the diapers and wipes without tax is .75 cents people hear that .75 cents...WOHHOO I am on a roll, watch out :)!

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Suzi said...

Hi. Found your blog through Lisa (who I teach with), and I just have to say.... I LOVE YOUR LAYOUT! It is so pretty! All the flowers and green.... it's awesome!

Thanks for brightening up my morning!


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